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I have been having so much fun with my photos now that Instagram is available on Android. I’m still using Pic Monkey and all my clever photo apps, but I’m always looking for new things to try. The latest app that I’ve been using to pretty up my photos is After Focus. With a few swipes of my finger I can make my photos look schmick. Check it out.




How does it work? This is how:

1. Open the app and choose to either take a new photo or open a photo from your gallery. I’ve no idea what ‘Take Two Photos’ does – its pro only.


2. Select the ‘Focus’ button and then swipe on everything in the photo that you want to be in focus. Select the ‘BG’ button and swipe everything that you’d like to remain in the background (and become blurred). You can also use ‘Mid’ to choose parts of your photo to remain partly in focus.


3. If there are some parts that are tricky to select you can zoom in using the ‘Zoom’ function. From there you can pan around and zoom in or out. Use the ‘Focus’, ‘Mid’ and ‘BG’ buttons to modify your selections while you’re zoomed in. You can use the ‘Eraser’ at any time to delete your selection, or you can press the back arrow to undo your last move.


4. When you are happy with your selection, press the play button in the top right hand corner. From there you can choose how much and what type of blur effect you would like, and use other effects.


5. You’re done! Save your image by clicking on the small disk on the top menu bar, or share your work by clicking the share arrow. After Focus links easily with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other social networking services. In the free version you can only save up to 800 pixels, however with Pro you can save up to 1600 pixels.

BAM! You just got yourself some super schmick pics. Now you can share them on fatmumslim’s Photo A Day challenge. All the kids are doing it.

Want more photo geek fun? Try Pic Monkey and or these Android Photo Apps.

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  1. Super cool! Thanks for the recommendation. I’m an ‘Android girl’ who was BUSTING for Instagram and has been hooked since the day it was released. I’ll definitely be checking out After Focus, I love love love what you’ve done to your photos with it. Can’t wait to get home to my WiFi now so I can download it!
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    1. Hi, thank you :) I was SO excited to finally have Instagram too and am a total addict now. See you out there x

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