Oh, hi.


So, it’s been a while. Is this awkward? I think we’re all ok with this, right? Ok, let’s move on…

Apparently teaching four days a week while parenting two kids of my own plus {allegedly} running a household and sometimes, occasionally spending time with my husband… not to mention friends and family… well, it’s A LOT. It doesn’t leave much time for hobbies. Hobbies like writing a blog.

TBH for a while I just kinda didn’t feel like doing it so much. The blogging. Then I felt like doing it but got distracted. Then I REALLY felt like doing it but I wasn’t sure how to jump back in. I’ve been toying with ideas for months.

One of the main reasons, aside from time, that I haven’t written any blog posts is because I want to take the blog in a new direction. A direction that I’m scared of and worry about being judged on. Then the¬†other day I had a conversation with a colleague and we were talking about … stuff. Like the meaning of life and giving too many of these. Ultimately, do I want to look back on this time and say “I could have… “, “I should have … “, “I was gonna…”. Nope.

So here it is. Over the next {insert random time frame here} I will use this space to reflect, write and share. If you stick around you’ll see more education/school/teacher/student¬†stuff, less Pinterest-pretty stuff, more keepin’ it real/life ain’t perfect stuff. My goals are to:

  • learn
  • create
  • share

If you like the sound of that, then come along for the ride!

13 Replies to “Oh, hi.”

  1. You go girl! There’s something empowering about doing things that are important to you and caring less about being motivated by the opinions of others. Looking forward to seeing where you go.

    1. Thanks for inspiring me! I’m looking forward to seeing where I go too LOL This growth mindset stuff is just gold for helping me along the way. I’m realising how much of a fixed mindset I’ve been in, especially about blogging.

  2. I really like the analogy about sailing your ship….kinda sounds like we are sailing in the same sea?…can’t wait to see where the adventure takes us!!

  3. Welcome back Kylie! Glad all’s going well, hope you will indeed find some time to rekindle your passion for blogging, you sound very very busy! I’ve done the same, couldn’t find the passion for my old blog anymore, have grown since then, so just started a new one…

    All the best :)

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