Lullaby App for Little Ones

Lullaby for Babies

We have used a little musical night light to help Pebble drift off to sleep for most of her life. She went through a stage of not using it, but recently she’s being going through a ‘baby’ phase and has wanted it back again. Sleep aids are fine… except for when you’re away from home. Or the batteries go flat.

While having dinner at a friends house one night I felt myself going a little cuckoo-crazy when faced with getting this super tired toddler to sleep with a rowdy crowd just a room away. Being the tech-geek that I am, I found this neat little app on my phone, and in just a few minutes we went from losing to snoozing. It helped to distract Pebble from the noise in the other room, and the quiet, calm music seemed to help her relax.

Lullaby for Babies (Android) is free and comes with three different music choices, as well as two backgrounds. You can set it to run for 10, 20 or 30 minutes before it automatically stops playing. The best bit? You can still use all the other features of your phone while you’re stuck lying on a hard floor and reaching awkwardly across the fold out toddler bed to pat the kiddo to sleep. It makes that 10, 20 or 30 minutes go by a little easier when you have Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep you company. Or is that just me?

There is also Lullaby for Babies 2, but I prefer to music on the first version.

What tricks do you use to get your kids to sleep?

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  1. When Mia was born we were given a My Pal Violet stuffed dog that you can customize with your child’s name, fav colour, food and animal and it sings songs about those things, your child and other childhood songs. It also has a lullaby function and I’ve used it for daytime naps ever since we got it. It’s not helping so much now that she’s way more interested in pulling herself up and walking around the cot but it was gold for a while there. Despite that Mia really adores her because she says her name and sings about her and her face lights up everytime I turn on the song about “Me and my friend, Mia!”.
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