How to shop smart on-line this Christmas

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How to shop smart on-line this Christmas: Tips for Buying Electronic Gadgets Online

Christmas is right around the corner, and if you’re like me, you haven’t even started shopping yet. I am a last minute Christmas shopper – I confess! Lucky for me there are some awesome deals to be had online.  Also lucky for me – some of the most popular gifts under the Christmas tree this year will be gadgets. I love me a good gadget and I can tell you that I’ve included a few in my letter to Santa :)

What gadgets are on your wish list? Perhaps a Tablet-PC for hubby? A smartphone for the teenagers? Computer games for the kids? I’ll be doing lots of my buying of electronic goods online. If I can avoid dragging my heavily pregnant self AND my two year old to the cray-cray that is Christmas shopping, then I will! Here are some tips for buying electronics online:

  • Compare different online shops. Take the time to look at what different retailers are offering. Some throw in extra accessories for free, great warranties or free delivery.
  • Check the trustworthiness of the retailer. Keep your eyes open for trustworthy payment systems and customer reviews. Unfortunately there is plenty of dodgy-dodge going out there on the interwebs – but there are lots of sites that can be trusted too. Ask your friends where they’ve shopped before.
  • Watch out for sales. Electronic gadgets can easily rack up a few hundred dollars (or more!) per item, so it’s worth watching out for bargains and coupons as well. Some coupons offer 30% – 40% off your geek gear! Cha-ching, my friends.
  • Choose the most suitable electronic product. Don’t get sucked into buying something with extra whizz bang features that no one really needs. Skimp a little here and you’ll save a little (or a lot!) there.

What gadgets do you have your eye on to give (or receive) this Christmas? 

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