Harry Potter for Christmas!

I am a big Harry Potter fan. I was a little slow to the party though – I read ALL the books this year. As in, 2012. Then I watched all the movies back to back, which was actually pretty awesome! No need to wait for new releases – there’s gotta be some up side to being slow with these things, right?

I am a wee bit excited to see this new PlayStation 3 game, Wonderbook: Book of Spells. It uses Play Station’s latest technology, Wonderbook, to bring new stories by J.K. Rowling to life – watching the video of this game just blows my mind. It’s a long way from my childhood, playing Space Invaders on Atari! Seriously, you have to see it.

There are more videos and pictures at the Wonderbook: Book of Spells web site – I found it really interesting to watch the Developer Diaries, explaining how they created the game.

In the game, you actually cast spells. With a wand! It’s like going to Hogwarts, for real. I know a few kids who would LOVE this game for Christmas. Love, love, LOVE! I remember the days of getting a new game for Christmas and playing it ALL day. And then dreaming about it all night :) This is going to be one of those games.

Do you know someone who’d love to unwrap Wonderbook: Book of Spells this Christmas?

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