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Yesterday my mobile phone went into a coma. Completely ‘bricked’ as they say. As in, now it resembles the usefulness of a brick. I had backed up all my mobile phone photos and other data before going to Queensland, and cleared my phone memory so that I’d have plenty of space to take more photos. Thank goodness for that. However, all the photos I had taken since then were gone. The holiday itself and, much less importantly, *ahem* the blogging content photos that I had taken! Food pictures, play pictures, craft pictures. There was some good stuff there and now it was all gone!

Surprisingly, I wasn’t rocking myself in a corner just yet. I think I was still holding out hope that I could fix this brick. AND I had a teeny tiny sparkle of a memory that I had ticked a box somewhere in Google+ … something about auto back up from my camera phone? I went to Google+ profile and LOOK! There they were. Every photo I had taken with my mobile phone, right up to the most recent picture from right before my phone bricked (damn you Kies update!).

I’m sure you’d like to know how to use this feature, one day it could save your head from an explosion. Here’s the deets.

How to Back Up Your Photos Using Google+

  1. Create a Google account, if you don’t have one already.
  2. Download the Google+ app on your phone (Android or Mac)
  3. Sign in to the Google+ app with your Google account.
  4. Follow the prompts to enable auto back up.

You’re done! Visit your Google+ profile to check your uploads and also double check your privacy settings. I have mine set so that the only people who can see my pictures is ME.

How do you back up your stuff?

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