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You may have noticed that I’m a tech-geek, and love all things Android. I am a big fan of integrating technology with children’s learning, and I’ve written before about kid friendly web site Poisson Rouge. What has only just come to my attention is their fun and easy to use apps for Android. How did I not see these before?

There are three apps by Poison Rouge Interactiva which are great fun for toddlers and young children – Aquarium, Bugs and Amos from Outerspace. Children can click anywhere without “breaking” the app and there are no ads to whisk children away to strange places. Almost every game is controlled by a simple click or click and drag that leads to success every time – you almost can’t do it wrong!


Each app costs just $AU3.23 to buy from the Google Play store, and for us they’ve been well worth the money. We don’t use apps for long periods of time, but they’re perfect for snuggling up under the covers for an extra five minutes in bed while playing the games together, or for distracting a grumpy toddler when you’re stuck in parenting hell (doctors waiting room, post office queue…. that sort of thing).

What’s your idea of parenting hell?

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    1. I haven’t had to put up with any car niggling yet, as Charlotte is on her own and mostly chatters happily. I can imagine that 8 minutes would certainly drag!

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