Teaching inspiration

You know when you go to all the PDs and do all the learning…. but the school year is all-encompassing and sweeps you away with all the jobs… then one day you look back and go “Oh yeah! I forgot about the awesome stuff I learnt last month, year, three years ago”. You know that?

Well, as part of my performance management this term I felt the need to document the drivers behind my teaching style, incorporating all the amazing PD I’ve done in recent years.

I stumbled across a new (to me) tool to make mind mapsĀ and used it to create this visual. It’s called Coggle and you can download the app or use it online. It’s free to make one diagram.

Coggle teaching inspiration
{click to see larger}

I wonder what other people’s teaching inspiration maps might look like…

I wonder how mine will change over the next five years…

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