Self regulation

So a whole bunch of stuff has been GOING ON. I’ve been attending Back to Front Maths PD with Tierney Kennedy, I’ve learned about assessment with Dr Michelle Cafini and the IB. Our class list has gone from 27 to 28 again. It’s report time. I’ve started bullet journalling. And today I learned about self regulation strategies. Cos I ain’t got enough going’ on, right? Did I mention reports are due? Today?

Why not write a blog post? That seems like appropriate use of my non-existent time. Sure.

In truth, I’m writing these blog posts non-stop in my head. I can’t help it, once a blogger, always a blogger. Somehow I’m just not getting fingers to the keys much these days. Huh.

I picked up a lot of strategies at this Learning 4 All conference today with Jo Buttfield. That lady sure does know some stuff! Jo is an OT with Kid Sense – a private provider of Occupational Therapy And Speech Pathology based in Adelaide, Australia.

I want to write a post about my learning today, just so I can get these ideas straight in my head. Here goes… Continue reading “Self regulation”