What is a vision, anyway?

What is a Vision, Anyway? - Octavia and Vicky

I’ve been messing around with the ‘inspiration’ map that I made last year. It was a map of all the ideas that were capturing my teacher heart and mind at the time. I kind of opened up my brain and tipped out all the cogs and wheels onto a page.

As I picked over it I noticed some ideas that I am not so keen on anymore. Some I’ve found a lack of evidence for keeping in my toolbox. Others had good evidence but I’ve been distracted by something else shiny and forgotten all about them. There are also favourites that stay consistently on my radar.

As I reflected on what I wanted to keep and what needed to go, I thought about how I wanted to use this map. I also noticed that the original map was WAY too busy for me to even consider keeping up with.

I went away… I came back… I sniped and pruned and hacked away until I was left with a much smaller set of ideas that burn brightly for me. Not only that, but they align pretty neatly with what my school, partnership and Department are aiming to achieve, so there’s that.

Is this my teaching vision? No, not really. Perhaps it’s the backbone of one? What is a vision anyway? Perhaps I should write one. I think they’re making all the kids do that these days. For now, while no one’s making me write anything,  I have this set of guiding lights to steer my practice.

What is a vision, anyway?(designed using Canva)

Just because some things are now missing from my ‘map’, it doesn’t mean that I’ve binned those ideas. Maybe at some point I’ll write a little more about that …

Do you have a teacher vision? Or something like it? What steers your teaching every day?