I’m a pin up girl

This week I am very grateful to Andrea at Fox in Flats for injecting some creativity and fun into getting dressed for the day. Andrea dared us all to be pin up girls for a week – by accessorising our every day outfits with pin-ables. Brooches, badges, clips and pins, if you can pin it you can use it! The idea is that every day for seven days you join in the dare, sharing your daring fashion with others on social media as you go.

I have had so much fun playing dress ups this week. I started on day one with zero pins. I tipped out every bit of jewellery I had stashed around the house and came up with NOTHING. Improvising on my way out the door, I grabbed three fabric covered rings that I won in a blogging comp about two years ago and used safety pins to pin them to my jacket. Pinning success!

Pin Up Girl Dare

By Day 2 I had borrowed from my beautiful mother-in-law’s jewellery collection. I feel so grateful for the gorgeous and precious pins she loaned me, so heavy with history, it felt very special to be able to wear them. For day two I chose a hand stitched fabric brooch, encased in bronze, which was made for and gifted to my MIL by her cousin many years ago. I put it together with a bronze and diamante brooch left to my MIL by her best friend’s mother. How special is that? The last addition to the cluster was a bronze stone-encrusted flower brooch, which I picked up from the Salvos ($9.99). Together they made a very pretty cluster which gave me an extra skip in my step all day.

Pin Up Girl Dare

Day 3 I wore the Salvos brooch pinned onto a rope necklace, then worn as a headband. I love this necklace, it only cost me about $4 on sale at Kmart and I have worn it non-stop – it usually has faux silver rings threaded along it and makes a fab headband. 


Day 4 I pinned Paul’s Grandmother’s cameo brooch and his Mum’s initial ‘K’ pin to my $8 Kmart satchel. I love this bag so much, but it’s dying a slow death right now. The clasp is broken and the strap is almost completely unstitched. Not that you’d know it from this pic – Instagram makes everything look pretty. Just look at those gorgeous pins! If only they could talk, I’m sure they’d have some stories to tell.


On Day 5, today, I am wearing Paul’s (other) Grandmother’s art deco style brooch, pinned to my rope necklace (again!) and worn as a bracelet. The bracelet on the left was a gift from my mum, who bought it in Hong Kong recently. The bracelet on the right was a $2 op shop find.


I’m very grateful to Andrea for this awesome dare – I might never have heard the stories of these beautiful pieces of jewellery if it hadn’t been for her challenge. Thanks again to my MIL who for trusting me with her collection.

Want to see more pins? Follow me on Instagram to see what I’m pinning on Day 6 and Day 7 and visit Fox in Flats for the gallery of pins.

What are you grateful for this week?

39 Replies to “I’m a pin up girl”

    1. I know I’ll never think of brooches in the same way again. I still have so many ideas for wearing them, I’ll be trying out some more soon.

    1. Hello Leanne, hmm, I’m not sure what dares have been done so far. I know there was the arm candy one (bangles and bracelets) and boots. Flowers is a great idea :)

    1. I never thought I’d wear brooches. They’re for nanas, right? So wrong! I have loved wearing them this week and will definitely wear them more from now on. You shoudl totally jump in on the next dare! I am a jeans addict too :)

    1. Thanks Bron :) I will definitely be pinning more in the future, I’m keen to add to my own collection now too. Op shops, here I come!

  1. Love your pics, very creative! I love the idea of using your necklace as a headband and attaching a brooch to it.

    I used to love playing dress-ups when I was little and invading my Mums stash of jewellery…maybe one day my girls will do the same :)
    Julie recently posted..Week 21: TimeMy Profile

    1. Thank you Julie, the headband was one of my favourite ways to wear a pin, so easy to wear and beautiful. I’m sure your girls will love playing with your stash :)

    1. This made me smile :) Actually GRIN is more appropriate. I am definitely not a fashionista, and am very comfy in my trackies and oversized t-shirt… BUT this fashion dare has definitely awakened a new sense of playfulness in my every day fashion choices. And….. a new found desire to buy buy buy more accessories and clothes and shoes… oh dear!

    1. Hi Penny, absolutely I’m going to continue pinning, I have really gotten into wearing them now, I almost feel lost when I take them off for the day! I’ve always been an earrings girl, but I’ll definitely be using pins more in my every day wear. I need to get some for my own collection though, I’m a little scared of using my MILs vintage pins, what if I lost one?! Eeeek.

  2. You are sooo creative ! I especially love that last photo, I remember swooning over it on IG :)
    And so true about the history to all these beautiful pieces. They’re all oozing in it, aren’t they ?
    I never would’ve thought of wearing a pin as a headband piece…amazing!!!
    Grace recently posted..FYBF – Return of the Princess Leia bunsMy Profile

    1. Naw, thanks so much! I have to thank Fox in Flats for her inspirational images of different ways to wear pins. I would never have thought to wear one on a headband either :)

  3. Gorgeous. I especially love your MIL’s brooches. I always think I should play along with fox in flats but always chicken out, so unadventurous in the fashion stakes :)
    Happylan recently posted..SoulmatesMy Profile

    1. I love them too! This was a great dare to jump in on because it was easy to buy cheaply or borrow. I wanted to play along with the boots dare but it was a bit too tricky to get cheap boots or borrow them ;P You should definitely give it a go next time! I’m SO not a daring fashiony person, but I loved playing around with style this week. I will defintely be wearing pins more often in future.

  4. I have really loved playing along too and pushing my fashion comfort zones a bit. I love that you’ve used them for different things. I might try to do something a bit different tomorrow… thanks for the inspiration!
    Lee recently posted..{32/52} being and doingMy Profile

    1. It’s amazing what you can find when you start looking for things. I am seeing pins EVERYWHERE now.

  5. Your pinning is so creative! Love the idea of putting brooches onto the necklace and wearing them as a bracelet or headband.

    I have a fascination for vintage brooches – even more special when you DO know the history behind them.
    Jayne recently posted..Hey M(ac)irena!My Profile

    1. Thank you, it was lots of fun. I challenged myself to try and do something different every day, it was amazing what I could come up with, especially when in a rush to get to work. I have never looked at brooches before but definitely have a soft spot for them now.

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