Top 5 Family Meal Planning Resources

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I have just returned to regular meal planning after a little bit of a break (more on that soon), and I thought it might help you all with your own dinner time battles if I share some of my favourite sources for recipes. Here’s my Top 5:

1. Kidspot Kitchen

I head to Kidspot when I want fuss-free, easy peasy, family friendly dinners. They never disappoint.

2. Taste

I love Taste for something a little bit fancy, but totally achievable. The reviews are the best part, make sure you read them for hints and tips.

3. Planning with Kids

Nicole has a great range of family friendly recipes that Pebble and I have had great fun cooking together. I love the focus on healthy eating for families too, especially the lunch box ideas.

4. Baby Mac

I love Beth’s way with words, but her way with a lamb shoulder is also something to behold. I pop by Baby Mac when I am looking for something simple and amazing to impress dinner guests. Check out the links to all her recipes in the side bar.

5. Frills in the Hills

Liss has an hugely impressive archive of family friendly recipes, and every single one I’ve tried (and I’ve tried LOTS) has worked perfectly. My very favourite is the Frugal Fast Food: Chicken Drumsticks, Potato and Gravy (I use thighs though, personal preference). Seriously, TRY IT.

I can’t help but add a bonus #6 to this list – Pinterest! I pin a lot of recipes but don’t get around to trying them very often. I think that’s the way Pinterest works most of the time. A whole lotta pinning and not much doing…. but I still love it. A lot!

Where do you get your meal planning inspiration from?

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