Finger Foods for Babies

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Baby Rocky is LOVING his finger foods. We started introducing solids about a week before he turned six months old and he has not stopped eating since. Anyone would think I had been starving him! He will eat pretty much anything I throw at him which has really encouraged me to offer him lots of new bits and pieces to try.

We are using a baby led weaning approach, which means lots of finger food and some spoon food offerings, like yoghurt, mashed banana and mashed veggies. Rocky is most happy when he’s got two fistfuls of food and a spoon headed for his face :) I thought you might like to try some of Rocky’s favourite finger foods with your baby at home.

Baby Finger Food Recipes - Baby Led Weaning Recipes

Finger Foods for Babies

Pita bread and guacamole

Baby Finger Food Recipes - Baby Led Weaning Recipes - Pita Bread and Guacamole
Pita Bread and Guacamole Dip

Rocky loves flavour. When I offered him plain avocado he ate it, but he really wasn’t that into it. Then I gave him some of my dinner one night (or he snatched it out of my hand, however you like to look at it!). We were having wraps and he munched on my pita bread spread with guacamole. He couldn’t get enough of the stuff! To prepare, just warm the pita bread in the oven, wrapped in foil, until it’s gently warm and nice and soft (check the heat before offering it to baby!). For the guacamole, mash together the flesh from one avocado, half a peeled and grated garlic clove and a squeeze of lemon juice. Spread the guacamole on to triangles of pita bread and watch the demolition commence.

Chickpea patties

Baby Finger Food Recipes - Baby Led Weaning Recipes - Chickpea Patties
Chickpea Patties

This tasty little morsel fits right into a hungry fist. I adapted this recipe from the Baby Led Weaning Cookbook using a stick blender, which makes it so easy to throw together. Grab a bowl and chuck in one tin (400g) of drained and rinsed chickpeas, 2 garlic cloves, 1 teaspoon each of ground coriander and ground cumin, 1 onion (chop it in half or quarters), the juice of half a lemon, 2 tablespoons of flour and a little bit of black pepper. Blitz with the stick blender until smooth, then shape into fist sized patties and pan fry in a tiny bit of oil. The whole family ate these for dinner, they were so delish (ok, Pebble tasted them – which is called winning around here).
Tip: Pop the mixture into the fridge for an hour or so before shaping into patties. It will come together much more easily.

Parmesan chicken fingers

Baby Finger Food Recipes - Baby Led Weaning Recipes - Parmesan Chicken Fingers
Parmesan Chicken Fingers

What kid doesn’t love nuggets? You can make your own healthy version that any hungry baby, child or adult will devour. Just slice a chicken breast into long, finger sized pieces (about 5cm in length allows bubs to easily grab one end and gnaw on the other). Coat the chicken fingers in natural yoghurt, then roll in a mixture made of equal quantities breadcrumbs and finely grated parmesan cheese. Bake in a hot oven (200 Celsius/400 Fahrenheit) for 15 – 20 minutes, turning once.

Baby Finger Food Recipes - Baby Led Weaning Recipes

Since having kids we’ve tried a few different high chairs, at home, at friends houses and at cafes. I have simple needs – I like a high chair that’s safe, easy to clean and adjustable.

Lucky me, as Fisher Price Play Ambassador I was sent the Grow With Me High Chair to try out. Tough gig, right?

Pebble was pretty excited to see the big box arrive on our doorstep and had fun ‘helping’ me put it together. The Fisher Price Grow With Me High Chair meets ticks all my boxes and has a few extra features that are quite nifty. The grippy tray keeps plates, bowls and snacks from slipping all over the place and the different height options make it easy for children to join the family at the table.

Baby Finger Food Recipes - Baby Led Weaning Recipes Baby Finger Food Recipes - Baby Led Weaning Recipes

Rocky was nice and comfy in the Grow With Me High Chair at dinner time. The tray is in just the right spot to catch all his dropped bits and pieces, and can easily be adjusted to allow more space for his round tummy as he grows. The tray also removes completely, which is perfect for toddlers who want to eat dinner at the table like a big kid, without needing a booster seat or a pile of wobbly cushions. The legs can also be adjusted to allow for different table heights. Pebble gives it a big thumbs up! She’s been using the Grow With Me High Chair to sit comfortably at the table to draw, eat and do puzzles.

Fisher Price Grow With Me High Chair - Perfect for Babies and Toddlers 2 Fisher Price Grow With Me High Chair - Perfect for Babies and Toddlers

The only problem I’m going to have with this high chair is two kids fighting over who gets to sit in it!


Would you like to win a Fisher Price Grow With Me High Chair? Just tell me what is the silliest/funniest/weirdest thing you’ve ever done to try and get your kids to eat their dinner.

This is a game of skill and entries will be judged based on creativity and originality. Open to Australian residents only. Entries close Saturday, 28th September, 2013.

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32 Replies to “Finger Foods for Babies”

  1. We did baby led weaning too with our now 2 year old.. He now eats anything!
    There was a pretty strange eating period and one night dinner happened in the bath we managed a few strawberries and some yoghurt while he had his hair washed.. The things we do!

  2. Big Mr 9 wakes up with the grumps and slumps in his chair. Medium sized Miss 5, being half asleep, just falls back to sleep in her chair. And little Miss 2 is full of chatter, but refuses to eat.

    Feeling like Goldilocks invading someone else’s house, I begin the morning with an over exuberant ramble of “The sun is shining, the birds are singing, you’ve got to get up in the morning”. Doing a little jig, it seems I only get appreciation from the girls.

    Feeding Miss 2 then consists of ballet moves around her highchair, zooming food into her mouth, fluttering like a fairy. Miss 2 refusing to eat unless I’m wearing my fairy wings and tiara. Caught out the other morning with an early knock at the door, I forgot to remove my fairy accessories. All I could do was laugh at the poor delivery man. I can only imagine what my son would be saying at school. I bet there’s some sniggers in the staffroom.

  3. One morning with our 6 month old little miss I made up some rice cereal and got hubby to feed it to her he wasn’t having much luck getting her to open her mouth so he did the aeroplane trick with no luck then he thought maybe if i have a spoon full she’ll eat it no that didn’t work either finally she takes a spoon full gagging then hubby starts gagging too!! it was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time :-)
    Must look into Baby led weaning

  4. We’re trying a combination of baby led weaning & spoon. little miss stuffs her fists full but totally misses her mouth.
    I am always trying to do huge chewing motions, with a over excited ‘happy face’ & wide mouth- lots of nom nom nom sounds so she imitates and actually opens her mouth!
    I must look like a fool, she usually cracks up laughing & the food gets splatted all over my face.
    I’m defiantly going to try those yummy chickpea patties

  5. Oh I wish my three year old would still sit in a high chair… he’s so little that he can barely see his food, but he is determined to sit in a ‘real chair!’ LOL

    I remember when my twins were just starting on solids and both wanted to be fed at the same time and were screaming when I would spoon a mouthful into the other one’s mouth… I tried tieing two spoons together to make a double ended spoon! It didn’t work… needless to say. Wasn’t long after that that I discovered baby led weaning which made life MUCH easier! LOL

  6. Our little one has started eating solids two months back and whenever I introduce a new food item I pretend to be a dog and start barking woof woof and try to eat food from his feeding tray – this keeps my son entertained at meal times and he eats his food happily while thinking that he is saving his food from a dog – sometimes he even opens my mouth with his little fingers to check if there is any food. I do feel silly but this makes feeding my little one very easy through this pretend play .

  7. I’ve been lucky with my two that they’ll eat just about anything. Although it’s not luck perhaps, because it’s something I’ve been intentionally working on for years now. We have a “you don’t have to like it, but you do have to lick it” rule, and sometimes my 3 year old pulls the funniest faces when she is licking something that she thinks she won’t enjoy! But most of the time she comes back for a follow up lick, and then a nibble and then starts to seriously chow down…

  8. Love this post Kylie! So many yummy options! :)
    Nothing too weird here… but I do remember eating a few mouthfuls of a jarof baby food to try and get my li’l miss to do the same. Needless to say, by the end of it I was more than happy for BOTH of us to pass! Yick! haha! Love baby led weaning too! :)

  9. Those baby meals look so yummy I would eat them all myself! I remember a great trick with miss R when she was a (particularly fussy eater) baby. She would be whinging and refusing to eat a spoon full of something healthy… then instead of putting food in front of her I would quickly hand over a shiny, sparkly, CD to hold. She would be so engrossed in looking at that she would happily open up her mouth and let me shovel it all in – yay!

  10. Love the look of those chickpea patties, must give them a try! Gorgeous chubby little toes in that fab highchair…I like that it can be modified easily to sit up to the table…am needing that sort of thing now for my twins!

  11. I think the silliest thing I’ve done is made big batches of food ready to freeze for many meals, only to find out bubs doesn’t even like it and it’s all been quite a waste! Definitely helps to figure out their fave foods first!! Now with number 3 on the way, I’ll probably just give bubs bits from our dinner when the time comes, rather than completely separate meals.

  12. Those chickpea patties look good. I’m going to have to give them a go.
    I like to shape the rice on my kids plates with cookie cutters and have it sitting on a pile of stirfry. Always gets a laugh :)

  13. Yum, your recipes for the kids look great. We went the baby led weaning approach too, even more so for my daughter and she is a great eater – I put it down to this approach in many ways. The silliest thing I have done to get the kids to eat one day, when I was super tired after a very work week was let them has their dessert first! They certainly did eat their ice cream and enjoyed it very much, but their dinner afterwards didn’t get much of a look-in!

  14. Thank you for this great post. Your kid recipes are so good. The other night I tried your Quesadilla recipe. DELICIOUS. It’s on the family menu now. Thanks

  15. Yum, those patties look awesome, we’ll be giving those a go for lunch next week, thanks! We did baby led weaning with our youngest and her favourite food was avocado and pear mashed up together – sounds gross I know! Going to give your quesadilla recipe a go too, I loooove those.

  16. Question,my great grandson will not eat baby food or anything. Maybe a cookie once in awhile. Started off great , got sick and now won’t eat any solid food.he just turned one yesterday. Also if he doesn’t like the feel of a food he is not eating it. Please help me to help him get over this .

  17. I am trying a combination of baby led weaning & spoon. little miss stuffs her fists full but totally misses her mouth.
    I am always trying to do huge chewing motions, with a over excited ‘happy face’ & wide mouth- lots of nom nom nom sounds so she imitates and actually opens her mouth!
    I must look like a fool, she usually cracks up laughing & the food gets splatted all over my face.
    I’m defiantly going to try those yummy chickpea patties. See here

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