Family Dinner: Quesadillas

We are really starting to expand our family dinner rotation around here. Not only are we ALL eating Tuna Mornay and Lentil and Vegetable Lasagne, we’re also eating chicken wraps and more recently, Quesadillas.

I was inspired to make these after having them at a friend’s house a few times. They are so delicious and so easy to make, and the best bit is that they’re easily adaptable for different tastes. Pebble likes hers with chicken, cheese and corn, while Paul and I are a bit partial to adding some capsicum, onion, fresh chilli and coriander. Perhaps even a cheeky dash of tabasco sauce.

Sometimes I cook up fresh chicken fillets, but on a work night, when I’m exhausted and want a quick dinner, I just buy a quarter of a chicken and shred it up.

These are so simple to make, they’re barely worth writing a recipe for. Get the kiddies involved, they love sprinkling on their own toppings, and are sometimes much more likely to eat something when they’ve helped make it. I can’t make any promises though!


corn tortillas (2 per person)
fillings, chopped into small pieces eg: chicken, cheese, corn, capsicum, onion, chilli, coriander… whatever you like!

Heat a non stick pan (or even a sandwich press).

Sprinkle the fillings onto one tortilla per person, as if making a pizza. Top with a second tortilla, making a tortilla sandwich.

Place the tortilla sandwich in the fry pan on a medium heat, until it is golden on the bottom and the cheese has begun to melt. Flip the tortilla and repeat on the other side, until all these cheese has melted. The tortillas colour quickly, be careful not to burn them!

Place the warm tortillas on a board and chop into pieces (like a pizza).

You can serve them with salad on the side, but they are enough on their own. The point is to keep this meal super easy, and super simple.

What fillings would you put in your quesadilla?


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