4 Ingredients + 10 Minutes = Cookies!

Here’s a recipe from the vault! My mum used to make these cookies ALL the time. Except that growing up in Australia we called them biscuits.  Just like the pretty picture says, they have four ingredients and they only take 10 minutes to bake. It doesn’t get any easier than that! They are deliciously sugary, chewy and soft…. although they can be crunchy if you cook them a few minutes longer. I prefer mine underdone – just light blonde and meltingly soft :) These are super easy to cook with kids too!

This recipe comes straight from Mum’s cookbook. Yes, the same one where I get my Best Ever Chocolate Cake recipe from. There is plenty more gold from within those pages, but today, let’s enjoy a cuppa and a biscuit. Or a cookie, if you prefer.

I’m going to let Mum do the talking now. Here’s the recipe:

I have often wondered how they’d turn out if I pimped them out a little. Perhaps with some chocolate chips? I just can’t mess with the original though. I can’t bring myself to do it!

Do you like looking through your mum’s recipe books? What’s the best thing EVER that mum used to make for you?

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  1. These have also become one of my family’s all-time favourite for a quick sugar fix. Sooo good and sooo evil! You can never stop at just one.

    1. I love the old cookbook, it’s falling to pieces, so well used and loved. I have taken photos of all my favourite recipes, but it’s not quite the same as the real thing.

  2. I made these as a special lunchbox treat for my little boy, he loved them! I also dipped the biscuits in 100s & 1000s / sprinkles before cooking so they came out all lovely and colourful.

    1. The hundreds and thousands is such a cute idea – Pebble would love that. Definitely trying that one. My SIL tells me that these biscuits work perfectly with chocolate chips and turn out just like subway cookies. Oh dear…

  3. My mother left all her recipe books when she left my father. She forgot the recipes she thought she’d always remember and now she has passed away as well. I really appreciate everyone who posts “old” recipes. They are real, not like the stuff being printed today. I’m slowly gathering what looks like a proper recipe and placing them in a binder to test when I can. Thanks for posting this recipe.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story, I’m sorry that your mum doesn’t have her recipes any more :( I’m so glad that you enjoy this one. I must dig out a few more from my mum’s collection to try on the blog :)

  4. I baked these cookies with a twist I added coconut and frozen raspberries just a handful then when cooled drizzled white chocolate! They tasted amazing hubby and bub enjoyed them very much x

  5. This has inspired me to start my own cook book! I’ve gotten out my mum’s and written down some of my favourites. I love choc chip bikkies so will try these with some chocolate. So happy I found your site! Good Aussie recipes :D

  6. These are really delicious. I baked them for a school fundraiser bake and all the teachers and pupils loved them! I also added smarties which was a great addition. Try it! Only thing is that the title is slightly misleading. It takes longer than 10 minutes to prepare the mixture.

    If anyone knows how I can upload a photo I can show you what they looked like.

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