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Create a Reading Nook in Five Minutes


Thanks to The Little Book Adventure I have finally gotten around to making Pebble a reading nook. While I fell in love with some gorgeous and inspiring ideas, we settled on something that was quick, easy and completely adaptable. It literally took five minutes to put together!

I had planned a shopping trip to Ikea to get a few little bits and pieces, but while out and about was suddenly overtaken by a very upset belly. I abandoned the shopping so that I could be near….well.. facilities –  if you get my drift. Facilities that I did not have to share  with others. I left the purchasing to the husband and he did a stellar job choosing some gorgeous cushions! The leaf canopy is also from Ikea and the rest of the ‘nook’ is just our lounge room.

How to Create a Reading Nook in Five Minutes

1. Find a Nook! Ours happened to be a natural space between the couch and a full length window that we never use (don’t worry, it’s safety glass!). We then boxed in  a third side using Pebble’s craft drawers (otherwise known as ‘Doodle Drawers’. Mister Maker fans will understand). One day when our garden is looking  a little less weedy, and there isn’t a home gym and a gas heater right outside that window, we’ll open up the blinds and perhaps pop in a few cute planter boxes with some potted colour. Lovely! For now, the Holland blind completes the Book Nook Look.

2. Throw in some cushions. Thanks to Paul for picking out this cute selection.

3. Add in some finishing touches. We used the leaf canopy to create a cosy cubby. It is simply wedged not-so-delicately between the drawers and the couch.

4. Add some favourite books. Pebble and I chose some books that she knows and loves dearly, that she can ‘read’ by herself. Rotate the books regularly with a fresh batch from your collection (or the library).

Pebble is also a big fan of dragging some blankets and soft toys into the reading nook, as well as doing some drawing or pretend play. It’s her space to do with what she will :)


Looking for more reading nook inspiration?

Reading Nook Inspiration

Special thanks to Jackie at My Little Bookcase and her Little Book Adventure.

My Little Bookcase

Where do you like to read? Do you have your own little ‘book nook’?

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  1. what a gorgeous little space
    love the idea of a reading nook
    empowers them with so many ways to fall in love with books
    Josefa @always Josefa recently posted..Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?My Profile

  2. Behind the lounge is one of Miss Daisy’s FAVOURITE places to play! We’ve got one lounge against the window and she loves to sit and talk to our puppies as she plays!
    This looks like lots of fun!
    Bek @ Just For Daisy recently posted..Through a child’s eyesMy Profile

  3. What a lovely idea! I would love to have my own reading nook actually. How peaceful…
    Kirsty @ The Natural Foodie recently posted..Easy Vegan GuacamoleMy Profile

  4. Oh, I do love it! it is so light, airy and inviting. That leaf canopy is brilliant.
    I hope Pebbles spends lots and lots of time there.
    [email protected] Little Bookcase recently posted..The Children’s Bookshelf: Owl books, crafts and printablesMy Profile

  5. What a fantastic idea!
    I love the pic with your sweet girl peeking over the lounge.
    Me N my Monkeys recently posted..My week according to InstagramMy Profile

  6. It looks so cozy, I want a nook like that! Thanks for linking up to The Children’s Bookshelf.
    What Do We Do All Day? recently posted..Holiday Picture Books for Interfaith Kids {The Children’s Bookshelf}My Profile

  7. What a great idea! I’ll have to try this with my kiddo when he gets older. Right now he’ll read anywhere he can get me to sit down and read with him. I think he’ll totally dig a canopy. :)

  8. So cute! My daughters love to make their own hideout with the couch cushions. I didn’t think about giving them books to put inside. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.
    Tulip recently posted..Educational Carnival Games: Buried TreasureMy Profile

  9. That is so cute Kylie, what a great use of space.

  10. I love this idea. It’s like a little cozy cubby house.
    Alicia recently posted..NigellaMy Profile

  11. Oh, so wonderful to have her own book nook. And I love that leaf canopy! Have you heard of a book called ‘Sally’s Secret’ by Shirley Hughes? It’s about a girl who loves making her own cubbies. (Your little book nook made me think of it).
    Rebecca Newman recently posted..In the Lion (a Brilliant Book Trailer)My Profile

  12. Very cute. I love how you put it behind the couch!

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