Toy Box Essentials Checklist

Toy Box Essentials ChecklistWe have got SO many toys in our house. I come from a huge family and the gift exchange at birthdays and Christmas gets a little cray-cray. I will admit that I get sucked into it all too. I’ve been that person who is staggering around the shops with an overloaded trolley and a crazed look in their eyes.

Sometimes it can all get a little overwhelming when I’m staring at rows and rows of toys and trying to decide what to buy. Especially when one kid is pulling on my leg while another kid is screaming in my ear. So there are a few simple things that I try to keep in mind when looking for the best toys for the littlies in my life:

Super Simple Toy Box Essentials Checklist

» Long lasting

Good toys last the distance. They can take slobbering, banging, riding and lots and lots and lots of play. There is nothing worse that a child happily playing away with their new toy, only for the wheels to fall off on the first go. Cue the tears!

» Challenging

The best toys provide a bit of a challenge. Not too much – just enough to keep children wanting more. Kids like to feel good at stuff, but if it’s too easy then they will just get bored and move on to something else.

» Able to be used in more ways than one

Kids are pretty good at finding inventive ways of using toys, and the best toys give kids lots of options for different play. Pebble used to love her Rock-a-Stack – not just for stacking but for dolls crowns, bracelets, swimming rings, pretend donuts, colour sorting and matching. Great toys kick start the imagination.

» Good value

Good value does not mean cheap. Cheap toys will lead to tears (see my first point!). Good value means that it ticks all the other points on this checklist AND is affordable.

Fisher-Price Giveaway

This is why I’m so excited to be a Play Ambassador for Fisher-Price. Not only do their  toys tick all the boxes but they also offer a mix of classic toys, like the Fisher-Price Chatter Phone, and new technology, like the Fisher-Price Apptivity Storybook Reader. With over 80 years in the toy making business, Fisher-Price toys have been much loved in toy boxes over generations. Do you remember playing with these classics when you were a kid?

Toy Box Essentials - Fisher Price GiveawayToy Box Essentials - Fisher Price Giveaway

Super big thanks to Octavia and Vicky fans and friends for sharing their photos of their children (and husband!). (1) Kelly’s baby boy, Alexander. (2) Fiona’s baby boy. (3) Katey’s husband (now 34 years old!). Check out Katey’s blog -> Playing and Learning Begins at Home. (4) Christie’s daughter, AJ. Visit Christie’s blog -> Childhood 101.

And guess what, you lucky ducks? Thanks to Fisher-Price I’m giving away over $150 worth of toy box essentials to one happy reader. This box of awesome will include  1 x Rock-A-Stack, 1 x Chatter Phone, 1 x Laugh & Learn Apptivity Storybook Reader, 1 x Giggle Gang, 1 x Love to Play Sis and 1 x Laugh and Learn Puppy.

Toy Box Essentials Checklist - Fisher Price Giveaway 2

To enter please leave a comment on this post sharing your child’s most loved toy.

Conditions of entry:

  • Entries will be judged based on creativity and originality.
  • You may enter as many times as you like.
  • Australian entries only (sorry international readers!)
  • The winner will be notified by email. Please leave your email address when entering your comment.
  • The winner must claim their prize within 14 days of notification or forfeit the prize.
  • Competition ends Wednesday, 7 August 2013, midnight AEST.

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47 Replies to “Toy Box Essentials Checklist”

  1. My son’s favourite toy is a stuffed elephant that he calls Mr Elpant. He is blue and green and and he has had him since he was born and he goes everywhere. When he does occasionally release the grip for me to wash him, Will sits in front of the washing machine until it is finished and then he watches him go round and round in the dryer until he is ready…..then Mr Elphant has to have a sleep because of his big day. Too cute!

  2. My girls are getting to old for some of these fantastic toys now so I won’t enter but I did want to say I loved your list and couldn’t agree more re long lasting toys!
    Have to say my twins absolute favourite has been the little puppy dog interactive toy in your pic above…they are now 3 and they still pull him out regularly!

  3. My daughter loves to play with a Fisher Price Farm Yard, complete with barn, a family, animals, fences and even a silo. The amazing thing is that this toy has stood the test of time, it was in fact mine when I was a little girl, which means it is about 30 years old. I love watching her play with it, I often catch a glimpse of myself. The best part is, I can see her one day watching her children play with it, it is still in great nick!

  4. My daughter’s all time favourite is using my pots and pans from the kitchen. When I’m searching for a wooden spoon the first place I look is the “camp site” she has built!

  5. He is only 4.5 months but already r has chosen a toy bunny as his favourite. Home made by mama it warms my heart to see him snuggle it!

  6. My daughter is actually doing something now that she does alot, just coincidence she’s doing it as I type this haha…She gets on the lounge or even the floor sometimes and uses her bedding as a car, and pretends to go for drives. The pillow is her seat and blanket is the base of the car, she’ll put her teddies beside her as passengers & usually its the beach their all going to haha. Then she turns the blanket into the beach(or whatever else she’s decided to make it) and off she goes! She takes her teddies with her everywhere really, they’re like her little accomplices in her adventures haha.

  7. My little 1 year old daughter loves her “DidY” its pronounced like “Dee Dee”, basically its a plush rabbit toy head on a one metre blanket. I have bought one for all three of my little girls and our eldest child called it “DidY” so everyone’s toy is called “DidY”. It’s a family tradition…

    My little girls take them to bed, they insist taking them in the car to everywhere we go. The eldest “DidY” accompanied us when we went to Queensland back in the day when we only had one kid! Very, very, very gorgeous. Definately something to talk about at their 21st!

  8. Although it changes almost weekly, my 9 month old son’s current fav toy is the FP Bop & Rock Lion (minus the hammer as I would rather h

  9. Oops – baby posted before I’d finished! I’d rather he not learn to use the hammer to hit things (like me, his friends, our pets etc!). Oh, and his other fav is a water bottle I half filled with dry soup mix a la homemade rattle :-)

  10. I agree with your list – I much prefer quality toys over cheap nonsense, love to challenge and educate kids and I also think it is important to give toys they can be creative with (like dress ups, toy cars and dolls).

    I often discard branded toys because they don’t meet all those criteria – and can age quickly as children’s interests change. But I must say that Bob the Builder vehicles/machines have stood the test of time in our house and provide great value. My son and daughter have played so many games with them – inside, outside, at home, in the car and elsewhere – my son loves them enough that he usually takes them to bed with him (I could think of better things to cuddle up to personally!) And our Octonaut characters and gups are looking to be of similar value and entertainment – both children are divided between the two sets as favourites right now.
    S recently posted..Merry Christmas Madon!My Profile

  11. My childrens favouite toys were wooden blocks. They had so many hours of fun and laughs. Their imagination got a work out as well. Secretly they were my favourite as well. I still have them and hopefully will pass to my grandchildren, so tough and sturdy.

  12. My son’s favourite toy is ‘Stinky Teddy’, a rather plain, non-descript teddy that has become his constant friend and we can’t go anywhere without him! When he starts going black and rather smelly, hubby has to sneak off with teddy to give him a good scrub with a bar of Sunlight soap and dry him before the little man wakes up from his nap!

  13. My daughter’s favourite toys can be messy, the contents of the Tupperware drawer, and another big favourite is whatever box she finds laying around, as long as it’s empty of course, I don’t think it will be long till she is loving Fisher Price toys like her brother did!!!

  14. The wooden beaded abacus I had as a child. He’s fascinated by the coloured beads, and the noise they make when he slides them across as they tap into each other. Maybe if I’d have loved it this much as a kid, I’d have been better at maths!!

  15. Oh I’d love to win! My daughters favourite toy is probably her Lego bricks or train set – which is good for me as I prefer playing with those than some other toys she has! Fab giveaway thanks for the chance to win!!

  16. Much to his father’s disgust and horror, our son LOVES his sister’s Barbie doll!! He’s always playing with her, even taking her to bed with him at night!!!

  17. My 5 week old is just discovering the world of toys! He loves to lie on his little mat and hit the blue elephant hanging over his head which makes a crackling noise.

  18. Both the kids and I adore our Bop It – fabulous for eye/hand coordination, a good giggle and loads of entertainment! Also….it’s great because I currently hold the high score! WOO! hehe

  19. Cherub’s (22mths) favourite toy at the moment is her sister’s old Postman Pat puzzle. She’ll bring it to me humming/babbling the tune Postman Pat, wanting me to sit down and do it with her :)

  20. Connor loves his monkey,
    He is his most loved and cuddled toy,
    You see Connor knows monsters are real,
    He is a very imaginative boy,
    But luckily monkeys scare monsters away,
    And Connor’s safe in his long stripy arms,
    He sleeps happily and so do we,
    And nights are quiet and calm :)

  21. My toddler’s favourite toy is his daddy’s Wii controller. He has no idea what it does but he just loves carrying it around over his shoulder!

  22. Our little boy is all about hairbands! He loves nothing more than to put his sister’s hairbands on his wrists, one by one, until he can’t fit any more!

  23. Octonauts! Oh my, for the love of library videos… Ned (5) has discovered this new thing and even creates his own ‘midnight zone’ by closing all the sliding doors between our bedrooms and bathrooms to make it dark, while one door stays partially open for the ‘twilight’ area. He now has a handful of small plastic characters and this game keeps him occupied for hours!!

  24. Most loved would HAVE to be my daughter’s “kitty”. It’s a $6 puppet she uses as her cuddly at bedtime. When we discovered just how much she adored this kitty we bought about 5 “backup kitties” from the shop we got him from. An adult would not notice small nuances in the manufactured kitties, but when we pulled out a spare one day because he was lost, she ran her little fingers over his face, ears and tail and said “kitty has a shorter tail mum, and his ears feel different”. She is now 5 years old and on the last spare kitty – I declare him good value (although we purchased him multiple times)!

  25. When dimples was in my tummy I got him a laugh & learn puppy, I used to sit it in my tummy at night & play the songs to him- he’d be kicking away to the tunes…
    It was his favourite toy for 3 years and has joined many games of hide & seek, peek a boo & bike riding…. Now he is 4 and has very sweetly given it to his baby sister! No doubt the grubby well used puppy will become her favourite & get to enjoy tea parties, dress ups and much more lol

  26. My childs most loved toy would have to be her mouse. It is a mouse that is a cat toy (you know the real fur type ones) She has always loved soft things (feathers, soft material, anything soft really) She puts it against her face and lip as she loves the softness. She sleeps with it and always has it when tired. Until she found mouse she used to use a feather hahaha. Ahhh love my sensitive girl :)
    The second ones fav would have to be her dolls. She has twins, Harper and Georgia. She named them after the twins at Childcare. She still plays with the real girls too. She will tell the girls (dolls) off, “read” to them, cook for them, sing to them and take them on trips.
    I have two completely different little peas from the pod :)

  27. My daughter’s favourite toy was a $3.00 yellow squeaky duck from Coles, which she took everywhere. I don’t really know what the attraction was, but she surely loved that duck.

  28. I asked him directly and he looked up from the iPad and said “TV?”


    Otherwise he has a set of timber trucks with timber logs and bricks on the back and we have fun making deliveries and pick ups with them.

  29. My little miss is 5 months old and loves her Sophie The Giraffe its a life saver when out in the car or shopping etc its always covered in drool and if you squeak it she gets the giggles so cute!! We now have a lead for Sophie to attach it to the pram or car seat so we wont lose it :-)

  30. My son’s most loved toy is his stainless steel bowl and spoon – loves to eat food in it as well as produce music by banging the bowl with spoon all the time.

  31. I’d have to say my daughter’s favourite toys are her library books. She holds them close and says “I lub them”. She puts them under her pillow if she has trouble sleeping. They come with us everywhere we go. Last count we had 72 books borrowed. I later found out the limit is supposed to be 20. Oops! We are super careful with them though. We haven’t lost any yet! And they are (almost) always returned on time. :)

  32. My sons fav toy would be his kitchen .. It can turn from making cups of tea into all fort for all his Lego men to jump off. Great imagination

  33. Anything we have created together – love the process of building something together that we have painted, crafted, stuck and coloured – can be our dollhouse, puppets, papertoys!

  34. As a hairdresser it amazed me that my little 4 and a half month little girl’s favorite thing is my boring straight hair & her daddy’s spikey hair-our hair gets her eyes & the excitement in the noises are indescribable, so her favorite toy is a beautiful little dolly with woolen piggy tales to stop her from pulling our hair but it just doesn’t cut the mustard! Human hair is our little girls favorite toy fair to say we would love this prize to introduce her to “real” toys!

  35. My son is five now and he STILL plays with this little popping turtle (that’s what we call it anyway!). I think it’s a Fisher-Price toy in fact. He has a clear plastic shell filled with balls. You roll the turtle along on wheels and as the wheels turn, these little balls go popping all over the place. It’s such a cute little thing.

  36. My Daughters favourite toy is her soft Eeyore. She has had it since she was a new born, she used to rub his tail on her face and fall asleep.

  37. My daughters favourite toy is a very dirty puppy with big floppy ears called “Love” that I bought when I was 3 motnhs pregnant!

  38. My daughter loves her Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse when she has it, she lights up with lots of joy and sleeps peacefully!

  39. An all-time favourite of all my four
    Has been the Tupper-toy Shape Sorter
    Which has made an appearance
    For each one as they reach toddlerhood!

  40. My one year old’s favorite toy is mommy & daddy. She loves the time we spend together, especially when it’s all of us. ♡

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