Snowy Road Bath Play

Pebble has always been a reluctant bather. Sure, she loves it when she’s in the bath – as long as you don’t try to wash her! I try to use lots of little tricks to make bath time more fun and get her in without kicking and screaming. One of her latest bath time play treats was this snowy road play using shaving foam and toy cars.

Just squirt the edge of the bath with shaving foam, add toy cars and PLAY!

Snowy Road Bath Play - just add shaving foam and cars and PLAY!

This would also be great fun on pavers or cement outside, or at a sensory table inside. But being in the bath made clean up super easy :)

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Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky

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6 Replies to “Snowy Road Bath Play”

  1. My children are absolutely loving the colour soap to play in the tub. My 2 year old is putting it all over the place and my 6 year old is mixing colours to make other colours super cute idea.

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