Sensory Play with Lemon Scented Rice

Sensory play with lemon scented rice {Octavia and Vicky} Last week we found ourselves with a beautiful spring day and a tree full of lemons, so we decided to make some lemon scented rice for sensory play. I’d love to say there was an exact science to our recipe, but we just made it up as we went along. I’ll try and give you an idea, so that you can make it at home too.

Lemon Scented Sensory Rice

You will need:

  • white rice (we used about 8 cups)
  • lemon zest (we used 4 lemons)
  • lemon juice (from 2 lemons)
  • yellow food colouring (about a teaspoon)
  • 1 large zip lock bag
  • 1 large baking tray

How to  make it:

  • Pour the rice, zest, juice and colouring into the zip lock bags (or any large container).
  • Mix it around and around until all the rice is a lovely, lemon yellow.
  • Add more yellow if you want more colour, but be warned that it might turn orange if you add too much!
  • Add more zest if you want more lemon scent.
  • Tip the rice into the tray and leave in the sun to dry….. or just start playing right away like we did. You might get a little yellow on your hands, but it washed off easily enough :)

Sensory play with lemon scented rice {Octavia and Vicky} Sensory play with lemon scented rice {Octavia and Vicky} Sensory play with lemon scented rice {Octavia and Vicky}Imaginary sensory play - lemon scented rice {Octavia and Vicky}

We tipped the rice into Pebble’s play table and she added some bark, flowers, rocks, a bowl of water and a few of her favourite toys. She sat under the lemon tree playing happily, chatting her herself and telling stories. It really was a very pleasant way to spent a morning.

Do your kids like playing with rice?

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    1. Thanks Bek :) I’m starting the in-the-mouth business all over again with baby Rocky! Right now we can do this stuff because he’s not mobile yet… but I think my time is running out LOL

  1. We love our rice play and this would be a beautiful extension activity! Have pinned and btw this activity is all over the FDC FB pages my dear :)

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