30 Ways to Play and Learn with Shadows

Play and Learn with Shadows {via Octavia and Vicky}

Rocky (18 months) loves to play with his shadow. It’s his latest obsession. He will chase it across the lawn or along the wall and walk slowly backwards and spin in circles, trying to figure out how that patch of darkness keeps following him. It’s highly entertaining – who needs TV?  Are you ready to watch some super cuteness (ok, I may be biased…)? Here’s a little pyjama clad Rocky chasing his shadow before bed time.

I know! Right? Too cute! This interest in shadows inspired me to hunt for more ways to play and learn with shadows. I’ve collected the best shadow ideas that the internet has to offer and rounded them up into this one spot. Your one stop shadow play spot! What are you waiting for? Get in there and play.

30 Ways to Play and Learn with Shadows

Silhouette and shadow play (Just for Daisy)

Halloween shadow puppets with free printable (One Perfect Day)

Capturing shadows with charcoal (My Little Bookcase)

Sea creatures shadow theatre (Montessori Nature)

Shadow drawings (Creative Play Central)

Create your own shadow puppets (Creative Play Central)

Build your own puppet theatre (Inner Child Fun)

Explore reflections and shadows using old CDs (Mid Pacific Institute)

More free printable Halloween puppets (Chez Beeper Bebe)

Drawing and writing with shadow and light (Teach Preschool)

Cereal box shadow theatre (Minieco)

Create and play with a shadow screen (Reggio Kids)

Building and tracing shadows (How We Learn)

Take your shadow for a walk (Childhood 101)

Investigate shadows and light: are shadows always black? (Reggio Kids)

Moving shadows (Reggio Kids)

Make coloured shadows at home (Octavia and Vicky)

Explore light and shadow with an overhead projector (Racheous Loveable Learning)

Literacy and maths play using shadows (Racheous Loveable Learning)

Shadow bath play (The Outlaw Mom)

How to create coloured shadows (Inner Child Learning)

How do shadows change? (The Pleasantest Thing)

Create a puzzle using shadows (Kids Activities Blog)

Make a shadow sundial (Create with Your Hands)

Make a shadow book (Small Types)

Step-by-step sundial instructions (How Stuff Works)

Interactive online game for playing with shadows (Science Kids NZ)

More shadow puppet ideas (Where Imagination Grows)

Chalk shadows on a trampoline (Learning to Play and Playing to Learn)

Make your own over head project for light play (Instructables)

Do your children like to play with shadows?

17 Replies to “30 Ways to Play and Learn with Shadows”

  1. That is the most adorable video ever. I totally forgot the squishable cuteness of the 18 month toddle. My youngest is 3 months so I get to experience it again though. Thanks for the shadow ideas. What a great and often neglected playmate.

  2. That is such a sweet video. It is wonderful that you have it captured like this and you will always be able to enjoy these memories. I am really inspired by all of the ideas here and especially love the idea of a shadow screen (so lovely with the coloured bottles behind it) and the idea of exploring shadows with OHP’s (the OHP’s bring back memories from my early teaching days). Thank you so much for including our ideas here too :)

  3. Hey, I just found your blog through Kylie Purtell’s sharing Sunday thing – I have an 18-month-old who is also obsessed with his shadow, and his favourite toy atm is a torch – so this is a great time to find you and this post :)

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