Picture Frames and Loose Parts

Pebble loves playing with little bits and pieces, placing them this way and that, chatting to herself as she goes. Sometimes the pieces are characters in her stories, sometimes they are parts in a living art piece, or she might be creating a pattern. She has an empty picture frame that she loves to use for playing with small parts. The frame contains the play, giving it a boundary that helps to direct her creativity.

Invitation to Play Picture Frames and Loose Parts

Why use loose parts (otherwise known as bits and pieces!)? Loose parts allow children to use their imagination and creativity and apply problem solving skills. There is no ‘right’ way to use bits and pieces and they can be used differently each time children play. The options are endless! Not to mention that it’s cheap, easy and quick to throw together a great collection of loose parts and most of them can come from recycled materials.

Picture Frames and Loose Parts

Invitation to Play Picture Frames and Loose Parts - quick and easy play using bits and pieces from around the house

You will need: 

at least one picture frame with the back and glass removed (we picked this one up from a second hand shop)

loose parts, for example:

  • small rocks
  • smooth glass stones
  • pieces of bark
  • leaves
  • small plastic or wooden animals
  • shells
  • wooden pegs
  • pop sticks
  • craft matchsticks
  • seed pods
  • bottle tops
  • beads
  • feathers
  • pipe cleaners

What to do:

Set out the picture frame(s) and the loose parts, then let the creativity flow!

Invitation to Play Picture Frames and Loose Parts - creative play for toddlers and preschoolers

Looking for more ways to play? Try these:

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20 Replies to “Picture Frames and Loose Parts”

    1. Their stories in their play are so cool to listen to, aren’t they? I love getting a sneak peek into her mind…. actually I pretty much get a constant running commentary of what’s in her mind, but you know what I mean :P

  1. I love using picture frames for loose parts (I’m always buying ugly pictures at Vinny’s for the frames!). Such a wonderful post. . I’ll be featuring this on my blog tomorrow for my Tuesday Tots round up. Thank you for linking up!

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