Open Ended Play with Chalk and Puddles

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Open Ended Play with Chalk and Puddles

We’ve had lots of puddles to jump in lately thanks to this lovely winter weather. Like most children, Pebble adores puddle jumping. One day I added some chalk to her outside play and she spent a wonderful afternoon imagining, creating and playing.

Pebble imagined a fairy pond, drawing a family of fairies and a path for them to follow to the pond. She drew with lots of colour in the pond, creating rainbow coloured blooms and added a leaf boat. Pebble gathered ‘magic’ stones and sprinkled them around the fairy pond, setting the scene for fairy play.

Sometimes the simplest of things can lead to the most imaginative and creative adventures.

We played and learned: 

  • jumping in puddles
  • drawing with chalk on wet cement
  • drawing with chalk in puddles
  • story telling
  • hypothesising about what would happen if we more poured water onto the drawings
  • pouring water onto chalk drawings and observing the changes

Open Ended Play with Chalk and Puddles Open Ended Play with Chalk and PuddlesOpen Ended Play with Chalk and Puddles Open Ended Play with Chalk and Puddles 2Open Ended Play with Chalk and PuddlesWhat stories have your children been telling?

7 Replies to “Open Ended Play with Chalk and Puddles”

  1. That wet chalk looks like a piece of art! I bought some chalk for Little E the other day but I think he’s just a bit too young for it, he mostly just tried to eat it! But..I’m really looking forward to the time when we can draw on our concrete!

    Thanks for linking up for Mummy Mondays.

  2. Your daughter is so imaginative! And I love the idea of adding water to chalk to see what happens. We will definitely be trying this. Thanks for the idea!

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