Jingle Jangle Socks for Baby Play

DIY Jingle Jangle Socks for Baby Play

Rocky is really enjoying kicking his legs during play time and I thought it would be fun to encourage more kicking by making some musical socks for him. I found a few small bells, bought at a discount shop at Christmas time, and sewed them to a pair of his socks. I am NOT a sewer, this is about the limit of my sewing skills, and it was easy.

I popped the socks on Rocky’s feet and he kicked away happily, then stopped. Then kicked a little. Then stopped. Then kicked like crazy! Why not make your own Jingle Jangle Socks?

DIY Jingle Jangle Socks for Baby Play

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Jingle Jangle Socks

You will need:

  • one pair of baby socks
  • eight small bells (or four larger bells)
  • cotton in your choice of colour
  • a needle

To make:

  • Sew the bells to the outside of the ankle area on each sock. Done!

To play:

  • Place the socks on the baby.
  • Encourage him to kick by chatting to him about his kicking.
  • Try gently pushing on his feet with your hands to stimulate more kicking.
  • Perhaps play some music to kick along to.

Note: Make sure that you sew the bells tightly to each sock and always supervise your baby while they are wearing the socks.

How does your baby like to play?

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17 Replies to “Jingle Jangle Socks for Baby Play”

    1. Babies socks always get lost, you’re right. I hardly ever put socks on Rocky as part of his outfit, they just fall off during the day. These socks are just for play. I pop them on for play time, then put them away again when we’re done. It’s been a great way to use up some of the socks that we were gifted when he was born :)
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  1. What a great idea! I used to know someone who had a pair and their little girl would do the same thing, start then stop. The look on her face was gorgeous, you could almost see her thinking, trying to work out where the noise was coming from.

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