Imaginary Play Ideas

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Pretend Play Inspiration - 11 fun ideas {Octavia and Vicky}Imaginary play is still Pebble’s number one favourite thing to do. I think if someone were to calculate it at least 50% of her sentences begin with “Let’s pretend…” (in case you were wondering, the other 40% are “I’m hungry” and 10% “But I’m not tired”).

Here are some new fun ideas for pretend play with kids, featuring some ideas from the Kids Co-Op, including Honey Bee Books, Housing a Forest, House of Burke, Munchkin and Bean, Paint on the Ceiling and B-Inspired Mama.

Pretend Play Inspiration - 11 fun ideas {Octavia and Vicky}

Pretend Play Inspiration - 11 fun ideas {Octavia and Vicky} -

Now for the Weekly Kids Co-Op

2 Replies to “Imaginary Play Ideas”

  1. Some great ideas Kylie. Popette loves imaginary play too! She’s the same with “Mum, let’s pretend…”. The other day it was selling ice creams at an ice cream store, giving Minnie Mouse dance lessons, playing dress ups as princesses and dancing to music, making princesses out of empty toilet rolls and then had them attending Cinderellas ball! :)

  2. Loving your blog! Such great ideas. And wonderful links too – saves me trying to be artistic and crafty – I’m NOT! – as I can use everyone else’s ideas! Also love the photo of the hills hoist -what a great idea, wish we had one!

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