Fun Water Play Ideas for Kids

11 Fun Water Play Ideas for Kids

Parenting fact #237: Kids love water play.

It’s SO easy to do and SO much fun. My kids spent an hour jumping up and down in a paddling pool yesterday. You know what I did? Sat with my butt on a garden chair and my feet in the water and relaxed. And got drenched! Well, I couldn’t really leave them alone in the pool now, could I? I HAD to sit there. Such a hard life.

Water play is definitely my go-to play activity, especially in the warmer months. We do indoor water play too though. Here are some of our favourite ways to play with water.

The Car Wash

Water Play Ideas for Kids

Set up a couple of buckets and some dish soap, chuck in a couple of rags and line up the bikes and cars for a wash. Easy peasy.

Mud Play

Water Play Ideas for Kids

This is not for the faint hearted. As you can see it gets rather messy. But it’s FUN!

Puddle Jumping

Water Play Ideas for Kids

A classic, this one never gets old. We had some fab storms over this steamy weekend that allowed for hot weather puddle jumping. Bliss! You could even try using sidewalk chalk in the puddles and see what happens. This pic is an oldie but a goodie – my fav puddle jumping pic ever :)

The Paddling Pool

Water Play Ideas for Kids

No brainer, right? Throw in some toys, see what floats and sinks ~ make a mini whirl pool ~ drop in some coloured ice cubes ~ just soak it up and have a splash.

Water Painting

Water Play Ideas for Kids

Grab any container, a bucket or empty ice cream tub, fill it with water, throw in a few paintbrushes of different shapes and sizes and away you go. Paint the walls, paint the pavers, paint the cubby house, paint the tree :)

The Water Table

Water Play Ideas for Kids

This one is an absolute favourite of mine because it keeps everything kind of contained. It’s perfect for days when I can’t quite cope with mud play or blowing up the paddling pool.

The Sprinkler

Water Play Ideas for Kids

There are so many awesome sprinklers you can get these days, like this wiggly caterpillar guy. Hilarious!

Bubble Play

Pebble and Rocky love to stand at the kitchen sink and play with bubbles left over after I’ve done the dishes (ok, maybe I make sure there’s a few extra there for them). My windows get thoroughly covered in bubbles but that’s probably the best clean they get all year, so who’s complaining?

The SUPER Sprinkler

Water Play Ideas for Kids

This is a crazy contraption I made last summer.

Coloured Ice Play

Water Play Ideas for Kids

A great one for indoors or even in the bath.

Bath Play

Water Play Ideas for Kids


I remember the early days with Rocky, during his first year, I often ran a bath twice a day for him, just to help keeps us both sane! Check out this snowy road bath play or this DIY bath paint. Some kids may not be so keen on bath time, we struggled with Pebble in the bath for years. Try out these ideas for kids who hate the bath.

Have you ever had a backyard mini car wash?

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  1. Fantastic ideas as always Kylie! Looking forward to trying some of these out on hot days over summer. Will be so great that my little one will actually be old enough to run through a sprinkler! :)

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