Aussie Animals Charades

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Aussie Animals Charades -  teach children about Aussie Animals with this role playing game

Most kids love animals – they love learning about them, caring for them and pretending to be them. I was inspired to try this Aussie Animals Charades game with Pebble this week after collecting Aussie Animals trading cards from Woolworths. Woolworths and Taronga Conservation Society have launched a fun collection of 108 Aussie Animals cards, helping to educate Aussie kids about native animals.

Our Aussie Animals adventure began with our visit to the Woolworths with Pebble in her kangaroo onsie, complete with her joey in her pouch. She hopped up and down the aisles and gave the other shoppers a bit of a giggle. When we had finished our shop we happily gathered up our collection of Aussie Animals cards. Lucky for us the cards are free with every $20 spent in Woolworths.

Aussie Animals Charades - children discover Aussie Animals with this fun role playing game

Pebble’s favourite card is the Ulysses Butterfly but she is quite fascinated with them all. She especially loves learning about which animals are dangerous. I’m quite enjoying learning some new facts too – did you know that a Barking Owl can eat other animals the size of a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo? And that a Green Jumping Spider forces blood into it’s legs to jump up to 25 times it’s own height. Eeeek!

Aussie Animals Charades - a role playing game to teach children about Aussie Animals

Aussie Animals Charades

You will need:

  • a collection of Aussie Animals trading cards
  • a curious kid (or three)

To play:

  • place the cards into a box (we used an empty tissue box)
  • take turns to choose a card from the box (no peeking!) and act out the animal that you’ve picked.
  • other players guess which animal is being portrayed.
  • repeat!

Make it easier:

  • Choose five or six trading cards to put on display for all players to see. Each player acts out one of the animals of their choice from the selection.

Make it harder:

More fun with Aussie Animals

Visit the Woolworths Aussie Animals website for lots of fun ways to play, cook, create and trade cards.

Which Aussie animal would your kids like to learn about?

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24 Replies to “Aussie Animals Charades”

    1. We also seem to be in and out of Woolies every couple of days – even though we get most of our groceries delivered! There’s always bread or milk or fresh fruit to pick up. And now these fun cards :) Let us know if you would like to trade doubles x

  1. How cute are those pics!!! Love this game, we’ve done many times but it’s a fun idea to use these cards! I saw them at checkout the other day and was intrigued – will have to get some when we go next time!

  2. for those that don’t know, Woolies is selling folders to collect and store the cards….

    golly, Pebble looks like her daddy in that pic.

    your post made me smile. I love it when you see someone happy and laughing whilst shopping. most people walk around and glare at you if you are singing or laughing with your child. no doubt, it would’ve made a refreshing change in the aisles!!!!

  3. We’re collecting these, they’re awesome. My son is into bugs at the moment & always anything under the ocean.
    Great game idea Kylie, we will give it a try :-) sounds fun

  4. We are loving the cards here too….and I have them everywhere. We have been wandering around outside trying to match the birds,wallabies and koalas to the cards!
    Great idea to play animal charades with the cards…have pinned. Your little kangaroo and joey is just to sweet!!

  5. Oh man… dying of cuteness here. We don’t have a wollworths/safeway in town but my kids have hit up my Mum to collect the cards for them and this is such a cute way to play with them.

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