20 Awesome Baby Play Ideas {and Bumper Baby Toy Giveaway!!!!}

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20 Awesome Baby Play Activities {via Octavia and Vicky}

You guys! Our baby boy is growing up so fast! Rocky is already 11 months old, almost a toddler. In fact, in reality, he IS a toddler. He’s staggering all over the place, he’s got a mouth full of teeth and he’s becoming much more cuddly and much more cheeky with each passing day.

To make the most of the last of Rocky’s baby stage I want to share some awesome baby play ideas with you all. This time goes so fast, I hope these ideas will help you to enjoy this precious time with your little ones too.

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20 Awesome Baby Play Ideas

Gel sensory baby (Paging Fun Mums)
Discovery box play (Just for Daisy)
Rice bubble sensory tub (Paint on the Ceiling)
Water tub play (Teach Preschool)
Sticky paper sensory play (Octavia and Vicky)

20 Awesome Baby Play Activities {via Octavia and Vicky}

Playing with mirrors (The Imagination Tree)
Texture sensory wall (Hands On as We Grow)
Ball and tube play (Octavia and Vicky)
Shaving foam sensory bag (Octavia and Vicky)
Rolling ramp fun (Learn with Play at Home)

20 Awesome Baby Play Activities {via Octavia and Vicky}

Active baby play ideas (Childhood 101)
Ice painting (Laughing Kids Learn)
Sensory bottles for baby (Dirt and Boogers)
The magical cardboard box (Mamasmiles)
Baby sensory tray (Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dogs Tails)

20 Awesome Baby Play Activities {via Octavia and Vicky}

Montessori baby resources (Living Montessori Now)
Baby play 3 – 6 months (Lessons Learnt Journal)
Crazy baby songs and finger plays (Picklebums)
Tummy time ideas (Nurturestore)
Finger paint (Rainy Day Mum)

Fisher Price Bumper Baby Gear Giveaway!

It has been my great pleasure to represent Fisher Price, they are a brand that I have loved as a child and a mama. I’ve SO enjoyed sharing my parenting reflections, yummy kids recipes and GIVEAWAYS with you all. Now for one final giveaway as my time as a Fisher Price Play Ambassador comes to an end. And it’s a doozy!
Fisher Price Baby Toy Giveaway {via Octavia and Vicky}

The awesome people over at Fisher-Price are big advocates of baby and children’s play, and as their Play Ambassador they’ve given me the chance to giveaway $150 worth of baby toys to one Australian Octavia and Vicky readers:

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  • Prize 2: Fisher -Price Rainforest Friends  Tote ‘n Glow –  the Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends Tote ‘n Glow Soother is an adorable elephant character designed to help soothe baby to sleep with a rich variety of soothing lights, music and white noise effects.

  • Prize 3: Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends 4-in-1 Projection Soother – A sweet table top soother provides a variety of options to soothe baby to sleep. Modes let parents customise music and sounds (including white noise!), projection and glowing lights to baby’s preference.

To enter to win all three of these awesome prizes simply leave a comment answering this question:

What will you miss most when your baby isn’t a baby anymore?

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29 Replies to “20 Awesome Baby Play Ideas {and Bumper Baby Toy Giveaway!!!!}”

  1. I’ll miss the cuddle time! It’s so sweet knowing that you are their everything at this age and all the want is to have cuddles with Mummy and Daddy.

  2. Aw all those photos of smiling bubbas has made me smile… Love watching the littles ones play and explore, it is almost like you can see their brains growing and developing right before your eyes!

  3. Awesome list :)
    I’m going to miss the innocent mischief and cheekiness!
    You know that look you see when you find them after they’ve emptied an entire box of tissues or like today I found my little Miss in the bathroom dancing with trails of toilet paper. She was so happy and quiet for too long so I knew she was up to some kind of mischief

  4. What a great post full of wonderful ideas.
    I think for me, I’d miss all the small things that come with having a baby and probably the things you’d not really think are such a big deal! Simple things like no longer needing booties because they’ve outgrown them and they start wearing actual shoes and no longer offering baby rattles because they are not too old and consider them boring. LOL

  5. I will miss reading to my kids, all my favourite things at once. My kids snugglying up to my, quiet time and teaching my kids to love books as much as I do…..

  6. Cuddles!! My babies have all been very cuddly and often spend a lot of the day in a sling being cuddled while I do the housework/care for older siblings. I love it when they go to sleep with a sweet satisfied milky smile- I could just watch them all day. I even love the quiet cuddles when they wake up to feed during in the night. I am lucky enough to have had 12 babies and I could never tire of endless cuddles <3

    It all changes when they become toddlers and it is cuddles on their terms haha ;)

  7. I will miss breast feeding the absolute most, being my third son (& probably last) i’ve really learnt to appreciate that special bond that only the two of us have it’s priceless… nothing can compare.

  8. There is so much I will miss but the biggest things are the smallest things..
    The smell of a new baby, the smell of a freshly washed baby in baby products, the smell of baby powder on a baby.
    The gummy, toothless smiles that completely change once there is a show of a toothy peg.
    The size of a baby, being cradled within my arms, being able to scoop them up in the air and hear them squeal in delight, scooping them up and comforting their little bodies deep within my big body.
    The eyes, the big, deep innocent eyes that are filled with wonder, love, adoration. There is no sign of hurt, of distrust, pain, cynicism…. just fresh eyes ready to take on the world.

    I could have babies forever, just to keep all of that in my house hold!

  9. I will miss the lovely facial expressions as my baby explores new things. Today I watched his look of concentration as he worked out how to open and close the bedroom door, and then the puzzlement as tried to work out how to open it again. Finally, the delighted shrieks and lovely smiles as his sister opened it for him saying ‘hello!’.

  10. What a lot of great ideas, I wish I’d known about them when my kids were babies. They are too big for any of the toys in the giveaway now but for the record I most miss taking them for long walks around town every day in the pram while they took their naps, you can’t do that anymore when they are a bit bigger because they get so tired and demand to be carried lol. And definitely the special baby cuddles all day long.

  11. My last baby is 6mths old. Its gone so fast! I already miss her newborn smell, how she could crawl up my tummy to the breast to feed as a rooting reflex (just amazing to watch!). I’ll miss how she grabs my face to give me a kiss then sucks and slobbers all over my face. You just cant let other babies do that too you. Lol
    What fantastic prizes! I dearly wanted to get the rainforrest jumperoo for bub, but its just no in our budget since my other half has hone back to study for a new career after being made redundant. So to win this would be wonderful :)
    So many great play ideas too! Definitely pinning this post for reference in the near future. Thank you x

  12. Great ideas! I will miss the very special, unique relationship which my baby and I share while she is so young and dependent upon me… knowing that this will change as she grows. There is something so precious about being needed in the ways in which a baby needs a parent. A terrific responsibility, but also a great privelege. I get to be her Mummy! <3

  13. Bathtime..laughs, wraping up in a fluffy towel, powdering..and cute baby clothes! Their enjoyment and contentment after a feed…then watching them sleep!

  14. Being #4 I have tried to cherish everything, but at almost 6 months, she is growing so fast.
    Most of all I will miss the looks she gives me when she wakes or I walk in a room, that just shine from her eyes “Mum you are amazing!” As they get older they still love you, but it just isn’t expressed with such pure elation the way it is with a bub!

  15. I will miss the way my baby just stares at my face, her eyes unblinking as she takes in all of my features. She could lie in my arms watching me for hours. I doubt that will happen when she’s 3 or 4, but right now, I am the most interesting and exciting thing in her world. I love that!!

    This is a great list of play ideas! I especially love the shaving foam sensory play. My older kids loved doing that.

  16. Shopping for baby clothes; pastel blues and pinks, booties, bows, cute baby animals, I love it all. With each new season comes the realisation that bub isn’t a baby any more.

  17. There is so much that will be missed but mainly being the breastfeeding, our chance for just the two of us, her snuggling into me whilst feeding & staring up at me with her big blue eyes that just melt my heart.

  18. I miss rocking them to sleep in my arms, they get too big too quickly to continuing doing this. They have such purity and innocence at this age.

  19. EVERYTHING! Their laughter and curiosity , baby cuddles, watching how fast they grow and change at that age but i think what i will miss the most is the llok on their face when they learn hear or see something new gives me such an amazing feeling theres nothing like. No w my sister is pregnant with her first baby i can’t wait for her to experience that too!

  20. I will miss the way my baby looks at me and puts her hand on my booby when she is feeding, that hand brings my milk down every time!

  21. I will miss my little mans complete reliance on me! Especially breastfeeding, the Mumma bubba time we spend together that no one can take away!

  22. My Baby is still growing inside me but i think that is what i will miss the most, feeling them move around and having them as close to me as they ever will be :)

  23. What great gifts! What I’ll miss most about my baby being a baby is being his everything. No matter what is going on, whether he’s happy or sad, all he wants is his mommy and daddy. We just can’t get enough of him and I know he can’t get enough of us….yet lol

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