16 Ways to Play with Sensory Bins

16 of the Best Sensory Bin Play Ideas

Do your children love playing with sensory bins? Or are you wondering what a sensory bin is!? Let me explain :)

A sensory bin is a large container, large enough for little hands (and sometimes bodies!) to reach in and feel, grasp, move, play. You can put almost anything and everything in a sensory bin, anything that will help young children play, explore and experiment using their senses.

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Children are sensory seekers and learn through their senses. When swishing coloured shaving cream, or pouring rice, or smelling scented play dough, children are practising maths and science skills, learning and using language and social skills. Sensory bins give children the chance to do all of these things without fear of failure or getting it wrong. There is no wrong!

Whether you’re new to sensory bins or have been using them for years, here are a few fun ideas to try out.

16 of the Best Sensory Bin Play Ideas

Using Sticks as Sensory Bin Fillers (Danya Banya)
Recycled Paper Sensory Bin (Little Bins for Little Hands)
Birds and Nests Sensory Play (Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes)
Shaving Cream Play (Triple T Mum)
Water Beads Sensory Play (Racheous Loveable Learning)
Bedtime Sensory Tub: Lavender Dyed Rice (Nurture Store)
ABC Sensory Bin (3 Dinosaurs)
Baking Sensory Tub (The Imagination Tree)
Farm Sensory Tub (Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dogs Tails)
Construction Sensory Bin (Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas)
Rainbow Spaghetti Sensory Tub (One Perfect Day)
Christmas Sensory Tub (Octavia and Vicky)
Fresh Mint Sensory Play (Mama Papa Bubba)
I Spy Sensory Bin (Happy Hooligans)
Diamond Mine Sensory Tub (Childhood 101)
Sludge Sensory Play (Picklebums)
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