10 Ideas for Indoor Gross Motor Play – and the Kids Co-Op

10 Idfeas for Indoor Gross Motor Play

Baby, it’s cold outside! It’s winter here down under, but perhaps it’s summer where you are – a big hello to all my readers from around the world. Whether you want to shelter from the wind and rain or take a break from the heat, here are some super ideas for making the most of that non-stop kid energy.

Rooms of the House by A Little Learning for Two
A fun game using home made dice involving running from room to room to do a different gross motor activity.

Colour Sort Game by Mummy Musings and Mayhem
Jodie has twin toddlers, so she knows a lot about keeping little people busy! Try out this fun colour sort game using baskets and balls.

Soft Toy Toss by Learn with Play at Home
All you need is a tub, some masking tape and a bunch of willing soft toys to play this game.

Getting Little Bodies Moving When It’s Too Cold (or Hot) Outdoors by Childhood 101
Great ideas for hopping, jumping, throwing, batting and balancing, stacking, riding, hiding, and more.

Yoga with Kids by Just for Daisy
A lovely, simple to follow guide to yoga for children with adorable photo demonstrations by Miss Daisy.

Baby Gets Dressed Time Trial by My Little Bookcase
This activity is based on one of our very favourite board books, Baby Gets Dressed by Katrina Germein and Sascha Hutchinson. How fast can you get baby dressed? A game for the whole family.

Baby Sensory Crawl Obstacle Course by Playing and Learning Begins at Home
Fun ideas for creating an indoor obstacle course for babies.

Velcro Ball by Creative Connections for Kids
Put a pair of exfoliating gloves and some Velcro together and you’ve got a fun indoor game

Tin Can Indoor Golf by The Craft Train
Set the kids up with this cute golf game made with recycled materials.

Masking Tape Obstacle Course by Adventures at Home with Mum 
You don’t need fancy equipment to make an obstacle course at home. Just use masking tape!

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