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Hi there! I’m Kylie – a teacher and mum who loves playing and cooking with my kids. Octavia and Vicky is my own little creative outlet, and a fun space where I share activities for kids, real parenting stories, yummy things to cook and anything else that might take my fancy.


I am blogging a little less these days because I’m working more – teaching is an all-consuming passion! I have the great privilege of teaching five year olds in their first year of school. I miss blogging but there is still a lot to see and do around here, I hope you find something fun in the archives while I’m plodding my way to my next post. You’ll also find me on Facebook and Instagram, so hop on over there if you’d like to see what I’ve been up to lately.

Who are Octavia and Vicky?

I named my blog Octavia and Vicky after a story I wrote when I was five years old, about a spider named Octavia and her young friend, Vicky. You can read the story here.

  • Find something to play.
  • Find fun ways to learn.
  • Find something to create.
  • Find something to cook.
  • Read about parenting and stuff.
  • Buy one of our awesome play ebooks.
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I hope you like it here :)

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Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky


  1. Greetings Kylie. I enjoy your blog a lot and wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog award. Post it on your blog or not. Enjoy. Check it out at Cheers,

  2. I love that you named this blog after characters that you created when you were five!
    Being a mum AND a primary school teacher – those are two very big jobs indeed!
    Ronnie xo
    Pink Ronnie recently posted..A reminder of our old homeMy Profile

  3. I never realised you lived in Adelaide (I probably did and forgot!).
    I was just talking with a friend earlier this week about how i have never been to Adelaide and/or Perth or Darwin and how I’d love to visit them all and explore our country :)
    Rinniez recently to life: how to win giveawaysMy Profile

  4. Why don’t you bring your original story of Octavia and Vicky to the present. Pebbles would probably love growing up with a book of a story her mum wrote, and Ian sure her many outings and family would treasure it. Why not?

  5. Hi
    Hello how are you. I see your comment & pic so sweet. If I talk with you I fill very charm in my life. Thanks a lot. all the best.

  6. Yay….I’m finally here. You’re a beautiful writer Kylie! Can’t wait to sit down quietly & catch up on your posts! Xxx Bec xxx :)

  7. My 1st time visiting – great site!

    As Leanne stated – yes how about you re-inventing ‘Octavia and Vicky’ with your daughter….no doubt she will have a lot to contribute – like most young ones!!

    I am living in Eastern suburbs of Adelaide and been here for 7 years I have come from the UK. i do feel privileged in living here as there is SO much to do with kids here…the great outdoors!! what more do you want when teaching children.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Fiona, so lovely to have another Adelaidian visiting :D It is such a lovely place to live and raise a family. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog, thanks so much for your comment.

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