December 8, 2014
by Kylie Gardner

Finding My Style: The Christmas Party

So… I have a confession. Remember when I was all “I don’t panic buy anymore“. Well, I did it. I went out and did a panic buy! I didn’t even realise it at the time, it just kind of snuck up on me. I thought I was beings so smart – it just goes to show that I’m still learning about all this personal style stuff. I’m proud to say, though, that I have since learned my lesson and returned my panic buy items, in favour of the awesome clothes I already own. It feels so good – there’s nothing hanging in my wardrobe that doesn’t fit or doesn’t suit me or that I’m not going get lots of wear from. Let me tell you the whole story…

Every year, at Christmas time, I have at least two Christmas parties to go to. And every year I run around looking for an outfit to wear. This year, once again, I somehow convinced myself that I had NOTHING to wear or that what I had wasn’t suitable. Next minute I’m running around the shops and trying on some gorgeous clothes. I congratulated myself on a shopping job well done, thanks to my BOSS knowledge. Aren’t I clever?

Finding My Style: The Christmas Party Season

The Shopping Trip (L-R):

1. this skirt a is a bit too “hello, this way to my vagina”, so that got a no. Yes to that necklace though!

2. Jumpsuit. N.O. The black is too heavy on me and the cut is not flattering (scoop necks suit my oval face better).

3. Love, love, love this skirt. Great print, great length, interesting cut.

4. Love the skirt even more with navy.

5. Lovely dress but a bit tight and not accentuating my best bits. Hot, hot, hot shoes!

$$$$ Cha-cha-ching $$$$ I walked out with the skirt in pics 3 and 4, the shoes, the first necklace and the navy top. Phew! Wasn’t I such a clever little stylista? Wasn’t I?…

But wait. I went home and a few days later I watched another BOSS Module. The final module. The kinda important module about… shopping. I learned something pretty important. That skirt? It’s a feature skirt. Which is fine, but it takes work to wear it over and over without it being the main attraction in an outfit. If I want to get lots of wear out of this it could be tricky. Also… honestly? It was a tad…snug. I KNOW. I’m 36 years old and still buying clothes that are too small. Will I EVER learn? *sigh* But I did hang on to it, until the parties were done, just in case. *face palm*

Then there’s the shoes. Nude shoes are not the best, they just leave your outfit trailing off to nowhere. A shoe in my hair colour is really best, or a shoe with a statement colour or print (blondes can wear a nude shoe much more easily than brunettes). This nude shoe, especially with my dark hair, just doesn’t give the outfit that WOW factor, I look unfinished. Also, nude suede? Really? Four inch heels? Ok, who do you think you are? Certainly not a mama of two young children *face palm* I switched them for a cheapie pair of neon and snakeskin heels that WERE a new purchase but at less than $30 are going to earn their keep. I’ve already worn them to four events!

I kept the navy top, because it’s a hard worker in my wardrobe and navy loves me. The necklace is AMAZING and in my colours and shiny, which I know my skin loves. And it has an adjustable length, so I can wear it with lots of different necklines. It stays (see, I have learned something!).

But now what? The night of one of the dinners had arrived. What was I going to wear? Maybe the skirt? Maybe something I already own? Let’s see what I had to work with (be warned, post-shower pics are coming up – apologies for the rushed photo job!).

Finding My Style: The Christmas Party Season

Narrowing Down Options (L-R):

1. The skirt. Which is still snug. It does look good, but will I be comfortable? Will I feel awesome? Hmm, probably not.

2. The favourite feather dress that I wore to Problogger. I had shied away from wearing this for Christmas parties because it’s very short, and work dinners aren’t the place to put your wares on display. But I do love it, and it loves me.

3. A safe oldie: monochrome, statement shoes and necklace. I can’t lose (unless I spill red wine on myself!).

I packed all three and made the decision in the hotel room on the night. I decided that the print skirt needed to go. Bye bye skirt! It is gorgeous, but right now I can’t afford to have skirts hanging around that don’t work hard for me. It’s a cut throat world in my wardrobe! Because I’m the BOSS!

It was much cooler on the night of the dinner than I had anticipated, so my old friend the off-white blazer, came out to play. Yay! Everyone needs one of these in their wardrobe. Ultimately the decision came down to “will I be standing or sitting during the evening” ie. what will people see most during the night (thanks for this question, Tatum! x)? The answer, most of the night I was to be sitting at dinner, so any impact from the high contrast monochrome is totally lost. Hello, we have a winner! The Blue Feather Dress!!!!

Finding My Style: The Christmas Party Season
The final contenders
Finding My Style: The Christmas Party Season

We have a winner! And my prize is this hot man :D :P

Now, I didn’t do all this figuring out on my own. My AMAZING MILEistas came through for me on the MILE High Club. I shared photos with them along the way, right up to the night of the party, and they shared all their knowledge and opinions with me. It’s like having a posse of mini-stylists and besties right there in my phone, in the private Facebook group. Seriously: Best Thing Ever.

Round 2 of the Be Your Own Boss in Your Wardrobe is open for registration NOW. Don’t forget to Make it Look Easy on Facebook and sign up to their newsletter so that you’ll be the first to get the latest advice for ….making it look easy!

You can catch up on my previous ‘Finding My Style’ posts here:

This is my final official Finding My Style post. Thank you so much to Nat and Tatum for all that they’ve taught me, they’ve truly changed my life. I can’t recommend their services highly enough. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a MILEista now is the time.

Disclaimer: I was offered the Boss In Your Own Wardrobe at not cost in exchange for sharing my honest experience with my readers. All opinions are my own. And my opinion is DO IT!

December 4, 2014
by Kylie Gardner
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The Secret Agent

Having trouble during nappy change time with a wriggly baby? Try  BabyLove Nappy Pants ­ with no tabs to contend with, the 360­degree stretchy waist  allows you to pull them up quickly and easily, so your active toddler can get back to action  in no time! Request a sample

The Secret Agent: A True Parenting Tale

We’ve talked about the poo finger. We’ve talked about the water bomb. But I’ve never heard another parent talk about this next type of Number 2.

This one sneaks up on you. Picture this: you’re happily going about your business, but you keep on smelling … well… poo. You take a peek at your littlest treasure’s nappy but there’s nothing there. Just a clean bottom and an empty nappy. Assuming he’s priming himself up for the occassion, you carry on with your motherly duties (Facebooking and avoiding housework) but you continue to be haunted by That Smell. Another check of the offender and he’s all clean. What’s up with this?

I’ll tell you what’s up. It may not be hot air, either (if you know what I mean). It’s The Secret Agent. I was quite amazed the first time I discovered one of these. I finally opened up Rocky’s nappy to get a good look at what was going on and there, wedged between his butt cheeks, was a perfectly round poo. It had been dispatched but had not quiet escaped the cushioned comfort of Rocky’s bottom!? Well, I never.

Whatever did I talk about before I had all this poo to bang on about? I could go on further about the many times my own bathroom visits have been interrupted and in all the varied ways … but who wants to imagine that, right? (Seriously though, last week Pebble brought me her ice block to slurp on and just this morning Rocky brought his train and proceeded to ride it across the gusset of my knickers. ‘Gusset’. Isn’t that a fab word?).

This will, however, be the final poo chat for the foreseeable future. So soak it up while you can *ew*.

Have you been hit by a Secret Agent? Or had a train toot it’s way across your undies? 

Having trouble during nappy change time with a wriggly baby? Try  BabyLove Nappy Pants ­ with no tabs to contend with, the 360­degree stretchy waist  allows you to pull them up quickly and easily, so your active toddler can get back to action  in no time! Request a sample


December 2, 2014
by Kylie Gardner

How to be a Kindy Kid {by Pebble}

How to be a kindy kid by Pebble

This weekend we went to the end of year party at Pebble’s Kindergarten…. and just like that, a year of kindergarten is (almost) done! I got a little teary listening to her singing – when I wasn’t chasing Rocky around!. Now she’s doing school visits and before we know it she’ll be off to Big School five days a week. All day! People say ‘enjoy them while they’re little’ but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I asked Pebble if she could tell me some things about kindy that might help kids who are about to go to kindy for the first time. Her answers are just a little bit sweet :)

How do you make friends at kindy?

You play with each other and then after you can say “can I please be your friend?”. Cos I did that with D one day and we were playing squish squash. And she said yes.

What do you do at kindy?

You need to follow the rules at kindy. Two people are allowed on the tyre swing and one person is allowed on the other swing. And you don’t go under the making table. If you don’t follow the rules you might hurt yourself. You can’t pick the plants unless you ask the teacher. You might get told off.

What do you learn about at kindy?

About……. how to care for people. Like if a friend has lost their gumnut baby you should always help them find it.

What was your favourite thing about kindy?

The swings. And all the kid’s inventions at the making table.

What do you think you’ll like best about going to school?

Mostly just the playground.

How to be a kindy kid by Pebble

First day of kindy (with an unfortunate bug bite on her eyelid!)

How to be a kindy kid by Pebble

First day of Kindy

How to be a kindy kid by Pebble

On excursion with her bestie (thanks to my friend, Katrina, for this pic)

How to be a kindy kid by Pebble

Twirling to music at the end of year party

How to be a kindy kid by Pebble

I’d love to say a big thank you to Pebble’s kindergarten educators, they have worked so hard this year. Their constant patience, understanding, and kindness has helped Pebble to grow into the confident kid she is today. They have so often gone over and above to make this year special for the kindergarten children and their families, we will remember this time fondly.

Do you have a kindy graduate in your house this year? What advice would they give to new kindy kids?

November 27, 2014
by Kylie Gardner
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Glittery White Chocolate Christmas Trees

Glittery White Chocolate Christmas Trees

Yo, this is how I do Christmas! Whatever is easy and fun, that’s my gig. Like these GLITTERY white chocolate Christmas trees. Pebble only eats white chocolate (personal preference, strange child), so she thought these were fabulous. The kids had fun stirring and pouring and licking and sprinkling. Here’s how to make these cute glittery trees (though they barely need instructions!).

Glittery White Chocolate Christmas Trees

You will need:

  • 250g good quality white chocolate (I buy it in blocks and break it up, but it’s up to you, melts are good too)
  • edible gold glitter
  • Christmas tree chocolate mould


  • Melt your chocolate using your chosen method. I am a bit old school and put the chocolate in a metal bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. I’ve had mixed results with the microwave!
  • Pour the chocolate into the chocolate molds* and leave in the fridge to set. Or if you’re super impatient, like me, put them in the freezer.
  • Pop the set chocolates out of their molds and onto a plate then sprinkle them with the edible gold glitter.

Glittery White Chocolate Christmas Trees Glittery White Chocolate Christmas Trees

* I totes confused myself about the correct spelling of ‘molds’ and I hate getting spelling wrong. The internet says ‘mould’ and ‘mold’. Who knows? Help a girl out, please!

Note: if you’re thinking of colouring the trees green, like I was, be careful with water based food colourings. I used the squeezy bottle kind and we had to throw away a whole block of chocolate because it seized. Boo hoo! I hear that gels work well but I haven’t tried it. Good luck!

Don’t you think these would make a super sweet Christmas gift?

November 25, 2014
by Kylie Gardner

Christmas Shopping Secrets

Christmas Shopping SecretsThis post is sponsored by

I’ve been let in on a little bit of a secret that’s going to save you big bucks and lots of time and hassle this Christmas. Consider this post a bit of acommunity service announcement, ok? If you want to get your Christmas shopping done without the pain-in-the-butt of actually going to the shops (yes please!) and have access to fabulous sales, then I’ve got the shop for you. Pop on over to and have a clicketty click around. They’ve got stuff for kids, women, men, home, beauty and even a clearance section for extra awesome bargains. gave me some spending money and let me loose in their online shop. Of course I clicked straight on ‘kids’ and found some awesome stuff. We were in dire need of some new pencils, crayons and chalk, as ours gets were looking pretty either lost, dried up or broken. I have always loved Crayola and there was an awesome sale on their products at the time. I snapped up one of everything, including some window crayons which the kids LOVED. Just check them out having a ball with this stuff!

Christmas Shopping SecretsChristmas Shopping Secrets

I even got a sweet crayon caddy for Pebble just like the one we had when we were kids. Oh and this tub of air dry clay which makes it so easy to make sculptures, Pebble made some to decorate her new desk. The final score was some phonics workbooks for Pebble who is asking me to do ‘school work’ with her every. single. day. Bless!

Christmas Shopping SecretsChristmas Shopping Secrets

The specials are different every day, you never know what you might find. Right NOW you can grab Dermalogica for a steal, Redken up to 65% off, Ben Sherman gear from $9, Typo goodies for the Christmas stocking for next to nothing, Scanpan up to 75% off…. I could go on, but that would be taking up your precious shopping time! Go and get some presents organised, what are you waiting for?

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? I’m always a late starter :) 

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