Multisensory Activities for Learning Letters

Multisensory Activities for Learning Letters {via Octavia and Vicky}

Pebble’s goal for the year is to learn to write and she’s been really keen to practice her letters. We’ve been practising lots of sounds and learning how to write them. One day I set up a bunch of different letter writing stations for her to practice the letter of the day. Now we set them up whenever she’s in the mood to practice. You can set them up easily at home too.

Multisensory Letter Writing Practice

Pipe cleaner letters

Make letters using pipe cleaners. Children might use one pipe cleaner to make each letter, or join pipe cleaners together.

Multisensory Letter Writing Practice - pipe cleaner letters {via Octavia and Vicky}

Play dough letters

Make letters by shaping and rolling dough. This helps to strengthen little fingers and hands, as well as learning the letter shape.

Multisensory Letter Writing Practice - Play dough letters {via Octavia and Vicky}

Salt letters

Write letters using fingers in salt. We used a small plastic container with a piece of coloured paper sticky taped to the bottom. This helped the letter to stand out clearly when it was traced in the salt. If you don’t have a salt tray try getting outside and tracing letters in the dirt or sand pit.

Multisensory Letter Writing Practice - Salt Tray Letters {via Octavia and Vicky}

Rainbow letters

Children use different coloured markers to trace over the letter repeatedly, until they have made a rainbow.  You could also paint rainbow letters with water colours.

Multisensory Letter Writing Practice - Rainbow Letters {via Octavia and Vicky}

Giant air letters

  1. Practice tracing letter shapes as large as you can in the air using one hand.
  2. Swap hands and trace letter shapes in the air as large as you can in the air again.
  3. Clasp both hands together and trace more giant letter shapes in the air.

Whiteboard letters

Write letters on a mini whiteboard or blackboard using chalk or whiteboard markers. We have this fancy light up board that Pebble got for her birthday. It’s called a Multi Flash Lights Writing Pad and Australian readers can buy one for just $8 at Kmart (not sponsored).

Multisensory Letter Writing Practice - Mini Whiteboards {via Octavia and Vicky}

Pebble letters

Pebble letters for Pebble! Children shape the letter out of pebbles or dried beans. For children who are struggling to form the shape you could draw it underneath first so that they may trace it.

Multisensory Letter Writing Practice - Pebble letters {via Octavia and Vicky}

All of these activities are also great for older children who are practising their spelling words.


  • make sure children have correct pencil grip when writing using pencils, markers or other writing tools. Here’s a great video for teaching children pencil grip:

  • model the correct letter formation again and again, and provide lots of templates for tracing and practising.
  • make it into a game and have fun!

Do your children love practising their letters? Or is it like pulling teeth?

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