Light and Colour Play

light and colour play

Every morning I have a Berocca (nope, they’re not my sponsor, but Bayer: call me x). One morning I put my Berocca on the kitchen bench near the window as I stacked the dishwasher, for those invigorating sips between plate placement. It’s a tough job, y’all! Pebble bounded through the kitchen and delighted at the little red rainbow that had appeared on the fridge. Thank you, gorgeous morning light!

light and colour play

light and colour play

Within moments the sun disappeared behind a cloud, and it was bye-bye shining light. Where did it go? How else could we make a light shine through the glass?

We grabbed our torch and tried shining that through the glass – it worked! Not quite as strong, but it worked. What else could we shine a light through? Can we make other colours?

We set up two more glasses filled with water and, lacking any food colouring (what the!? someone add that to my shopping list please), we used a tiny bit of powdered tempura paint. Hmm, the light didn’t shine through the paint. Why not?

I will admit that on this particular morning the call of Weetbix was far stronger than the call of more science play for this little toddler, but I’d like to explore this further with her. Stay tuned!

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    1. I need to stock up too, food colouring is so handy for crafty things, we go through it so quickly!

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