Halloween Games for Kids

One of my favourite childhood memories is of a Halloween party that we had in our classroom. It was Year 3 and everyone got to dress up and play games. My parents took me trick or treating on the block where we lived and I loved every second of it. Check me out!

{All dressed up for Halloween, circa 1985, with my little brother and sister)

To celebrate Halloween I have rounded up a few online games for kids in the Halloween spirit. I hope the kids have fun with them. Most of these games are suitable for primary school age children. Please use your own discretion to decide whether the games are suitable for your children. I don’t want to give anyone nightmares!

Halloween Hang Man

Halloween Pumpkins

Spooky Sequences – Twos

Find the Brain!

Stacking Pumpkins

Have you got a favourite Halloween memory?

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  1. My kids love getting dressed up for Halloween and going trick or treating. Even though its not celebrated in Australia that much, its all bit of fun for the kids. Thanks for linking up to The Tuesday Tea Party :)

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