Coloured Ice Play

It’s quite usual for Pebble to wake up and ask for some kind of play before she’s even had breakfast. One morning she woke up and asked to make coloured ice cubes. We had made ice cubes the day before, just replenishing our freezer stock, and she was interested in the process. I thought coloured ice play sounded like fun too, so away we went.

Pebble squeezed drops of colour into the ice cube tray, then I topped it up with water. I decided to experiment with this method first, rather than make up a batch of coloured water to freeze. It meant lots of opportunities for squeezing :)

When the ice cubes were frozen Pebble asked if she could draw with them. So we tried. You can, sort of. I love following her line of questioning, her curiosity, and interest. What would happen if…..?

What would happen if…… we put the ice cubes in the bath and poured water on them?

What would happen if ….. we put some ice cubes on paper to melt in the sun?

What would happen if…… we put the paper into the bath water?

What would happen if…… we dropped more colour on to the soggy paper?

What would happen if…… we pressed another piece of paper on top of THAT piece of paper?

What would happen if…… we put the paper in the water again?

As we explored I asked Pebble what she  thought was going to happen. To predict, to hypothesise. Then we would test out her thinking and talk about what actually happened. Was it what she thought was going to happen? Why did it happen like that? This is all done in a very chit-chat and natural way, with plenty of time to just be and do and experience without an adult forcing their way in with their own ideas. If she was interested in talking about it, we did. Sometimes she’d just say, “I don’t know” and push on with the testing of her own ideas. That was enough to tell me “give it a rest, Mummy”, so I would.

I love that we could make coloured ice cubes another day and end up with a completely different play experience. I wonder where we’ll go next?

Have you ever made coloured ice? Would you like to?


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17 Replies to “Coloured Ice Play”

  1. We’ve done this too and Jack loved it. Although I really like that Pebble made them herself. I really like when the child can be as much a part of the process as possible. It really makes the activity relevant to them.

    I can’t imagine Jack ever asking for an activity before breakie though :D He is always famished. After three bowls of cereal, some yoghurt and some fruit he might then consider playing haha
    Kate – An Everyday Story recently posted..Lost TreasuresMy Profile

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