Best You Tube Stories for Kids

The other day I was searching for some good free story apps for kids. I have struggled to find a good free (or paid!) one that is appropriate for Pebble’s age group. Many have very long, wordy stories, which don’t hold her interest. Then I struck gold with You Tube! These classics are currently bed time favourites at our hosue, along with a couple of books (how many stories is standard at bed time? We do about four here…. yep, bed time is a long process).

How do your children enjoy stories? Do they like to use the tablets, phones, CDs and videos, as well as books?

8 Replies to “Best You Tube Stories for Kids”

    1. Charlotte is still loving these, perhaps a little too much. There’s some interesting play scenarios coming up – a post will follow soon!

    1. There is so much out there …. and not all of it is good. In fact so much of it is the opposite of good! I hope your children enjoy these stories.

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