Awesome Apps for Preschoolers

Cool Apps for Preschoolers

Book Creator

Cool Apps for Preschoolers

This app is a powerful and simple tool for creating iBooks on the iPad and is just amazing for practising literacy skills. There are so many things you can create with it – it’s not just for little kids, older children and adults can use it too. Pebble loves creating her own stories by taking photos of her toys and recording her voice.  It took about five minutes for her to learn how to use it independently. I love using this in the classroom too.

Play School Play Time

Cool Apps for Preschoolers

This is one of Pebble’s favourite games to play, especially in the late arvo as I’m cooking dinner. If she’s not in the mood to help in the kitchen she sits at the kitchen bench and plays this instead. It’s fantastic for teaching children about time and patterns throughout the day with lots of interactive games. There is a game for every hour of the day on the Play School clock with each game teaching new skills. Children can also watch Play School through the app.

Bo’s Bed Time

Cool Apps for Preschoolers

This app teaches kids about bed time routine with the help of a cute giraffe named Bo. They help Bo to tidy her room, take a bath, brush her teeth, put on her PJs, find her teddy bear, read a book and give kisses goodnight. It’s super easy for kids to follow and play along, and some parts of the game change each time you play, which helps to keep it interesting. It includes concepts such as colour, sorting, matching and counting. Bo has a bunch of other games available too.

Bugsy Kindergarten Reading School

Cool Apps for Preschoolers

Go into outer space with Bugsy and learn about letters, sounds and words. When Pebble first started playing this game she didn’t know many of the letters, but now she is getting much more accurate. The game allows for mistakes, giving you as many tries as you need to get the answer right, which is perfect for preschoolers who would get too frustrated with a three-strikes-and-you’re-out style. Parents can choose which subjects the game covers, so if you’re child isn’t ready for spelling or reading yet you can choose to turn that off.

Bug Builder

Cool Apps for Preschoolers

Bug Builder allows kids to create their own cute bugs using coloured paints, dress them, feed them, wash them and take a photo of them. Once each bug has had his turn it pops out a little egg, which sees the arrival of a new bug to be coloured, dressed, washed, fed and photographed. Just for fun :) I love hearing Pebble laugh hysterically at her creations. This app is also great fun for toddlers.

Pocket Phonics

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Another app that I love to use at school and home. this app teaches children letter sounds and formation and simple words. I love how quickly Pebble has been able to make words on her own, and so does she! She almost exploded with excitement as she read new words. You can add different profiles for each user, so that they can continue their learning from the last time they played.

Which apps do your preschoolers love to play? 

8 Replies to “Awesome Apps for Preschoolers”

  1. My son is a little younger (4) but he loves these games by Cubic Frog. The two that are his favorite are: EduRoom and EduKitchen. There are also EduPaint (its a little too advanced for him) and EduKitty but those two are his favorite. The games are free but there are more games if you buy it. The only thing that annoys me is it does have some ads but I think if you buy the games ($2.99 I think) the ads go away.

  2. Punky loves the Play School app too. Have you see the PS art maker one, she has really gotten in to that lately as well. I love the look of the Bo’s Bedtime one, I think that would be right up Punky’s alley. The Bugsy one might be a bit advanced for her yet but I’ve found it’s worth downloading ones that are a bit ahead as she catches up with them eventually. I am amazed by how much she already knows at 2.5 years old and if she keeps up the way she is going she’ll most likely be reading before she gets to school (just like her Mumma, wonder where she gets it?!).

    I think Punky’s fave apps at the moment apart from the Play School one is Monkey PreSchool Lunchbox and Monkey PreSchool Fix it. I’ve written a post with our 5 fave apps, it’s on my Pinterest if you’re interested,

  3. Gee! I keep meaning to do a kids app post. Thank you for sharing! We LOVE & have every Sago Mini App & I will keep buying them as they come out. I would also suggest for fun, Toca Boca Apps. That’s the developer name (u might even know them by now;) … There’s a lot if apps from them but all range within different age and skill level. Of course off the top of my head I can’t think of more but we have a few developers that we just always buy from because they make fantastic app for children. Thanks again!

  4. Just a small correction- To watch an episode of Playschool in the playschool app, it is metered by your ISP. It reminds you every time you open that part of the app.

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