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Reading Nook Inspiration


I have always wanted to create a reading nook for Pebble, but we are a little short of space in our home. However! I now am finding myself motivated by the Little Book Adventure challenge. The idea is to find new places to read. This doesn’t mean that you need to create a permanent book nook – but I’d like to give a temporary one a try.

I’m trying to be a little bit creative with space, and also with money. Of course I need to do my research! So I have hunted down some gorgeous ideas from the interweb…. Pebble’s reading nook is highly unlikely to turn out like any of these delicious examples, but I can dream, right? I hope they give you a little reading nook inspiration too.









Here’s the easy peasy reading nook that we ended up making for Pebble (click on the image to read about it):
Create a Reading Nook in Five Minutes

Does your home have a ‘reading nook’?

What are some of the different spaces and places that you have stopped to share or enjoy a book?


  1. We don’t have a nook in our home yet, but I used to have a few in my classroom. Most kids liked reading under their desks too :)

    I used to love finding places outside to read. I think I read up a few trees as a kid :)
    Mel @ Adventures of a Subversive Reader recently posted..I Breastfeed and I’m Proud of ItMy Profile

  2. We don’t have a reading nook but I want one and even more now that I’ve seen these photos. I especially love the hanging tent.
    Mud Hut Mama recently posted..Waterhole Wednesday: A Scrub Hare (Kalulu) and an African FolktaleMy Profile

  3. Thanks for the inspiration Kylie! I keep collecting these too but for now our reading nooks are of the temporary kind although the girls always like a read outside on some pillows! Some of these seem really doable though…thanks again for collecting them all together!
    [email protected] recently posted..Toddler Foam Block Shape Stamping!My Profile

  4. When my daughter was younger, I had a tent in the lounge room with pillows and blankets for reading. We are currently renovating parts of the house for the new but, once it is all done, I want to set up a new space for her. I think the tents, or nets are a great, practical idea (in an ideal world, all of our houses would have an extra room and we could interest the hell out of it!)
    Bel recently posted..Self Portrait Maternity – 22 weeksMy Profile

  5. I regularly drool over book nooks. The coner picket fence one you have featured has been one of my favs for a long time.

    Good luck with your project.
    [email protected] Little Bookcase recently posted..Handmade Gifts: Swirled Glass VasesMy Profile

  6. love this. found from the co-op this wk. pinned it. [email protected]

  7. So many lovely ideas here! We don’t have an official reading nook, but my oldest does love to get creative with her reading spots. One of her favorite things is to take all of our pillows and put them in the large garden tub. She will read there while I get ready. Both girls also like to read in the special cardboard forts and tents that we make to go along with themes we are learning about.
    Shaunna @ Fantastic Fun and Learning recently posted..Mayflower Craft and Science ActivityMy Profile

  8. These days I tend to read to the kids in the bath. It provides opportunity for a good soak in the tub and they love it. And it suits me especially on the days where mummy isn’t around for bed time.

    Tents are great for reading. My girls love it, often gathering all the pillows they can find to make it extra comfy.

  9. Love the images, thanks for sharing. We’re doing something similar at the moment and I love the inspiration!
    Emily recently posted..There are things you shouldn’t do while pregnantMy Profile

  10. They’re so beautiful and so inspiring! We’re making a secret library in the cupboard under our stairs. Can’t wait till it’s done :)
    Debs recently posted..Simple DIY Christmas Lanterns (and a 3M Giveaway!)My Profile

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