Home Sweet Home

We’re back from our Queensland getaway, having enjoyed much more sun, ice cream and hot chips than we’re used to at home here in Adelaide. We’ve been living in summer clothes, spending our days at parks and pools, and MOST importantly, visiting Paul’s brother and his fiancé with their new baby boy. He is adorbs, but he’s not for online distribution, so I’ll be keeping those photos just for the family.

Reality bites, and here I am, neck deep in laundry (currently all washed and folded, yet to be put away), grocery shopping, and school planning for the final term of the year. Thrown into the mix is sharing the delight of a toddler returned to her natural habitat: this morning she declared, “Mummy, I LOVE my home!”. I love my home too, and as nice as it was to be away, there really is nothing like my own bed.

Thank you so much to my lovely guest post writers for the past week! I hope that everyone has enjoyed reading a few offerings from some of my favourite creative and clever bloggers and mums.

Once I get to the bottom of my washing pile Octavia and Vicky will resume business as usual. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into some routine again (yes, really!) – meal planning, crafting, playing, and geeking out. Stick around to see what we get up to!

I’ll leave you all with one of my favourite moments from our holiday, a picnic on the banks of the Brisbane River…. more to come soon!


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    1. There really is nothing like home… although the the novelty has worn off slightly with the never ending domestic duties. Believe it or not I was craving a bit of housework while I was away. WHAT?! It must be a nesting instinct.

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