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I like to be organised. But at the same time I often find myself chaotically disorganised. Does that make sense? I guess liking to be organised doesn’t always translate into action. Like many other peeps out there I’m juggling, balancing, trying to get this mothering gig to mesh with this working gig. Some weeks I kick arse, and some weeks I am drowning in stuff. I find it helps to arrange the stuff into some kind of order, to keep the drowning to a minimum. Here’s a couple of things I do. I hope they help keep your head above water too.

Meal planning


Every Sunday or Monday I quickly take stock of the food stuffs in the house and make a meal plan for the week. On the days that I don’t work I generally batch cook fresh meals (I look forward to sharing those with you all soon), and on the days that I work we scoff down a pre-prepared home cooked meal from the freezer. The weekends are often busy with socialising, so we go with the flow. My favourite plan for a Sunday is “Fridge Raid!”. As simple as that.

I got my menu planner from Olliebird. Want some other ideas for meal planning printables? Deb at Home Life Simplified has an awesome breakdown of some online goodies. Love that woman.

Calendar Planning


I have previously shared my love of techy stuff, but what you don’t know yet is that I love stationary. Who doesn’t?! Especially those of us teacher folk. Kikki K is a shop close to my stationary-loving heart. A birthday voucher last year resulting in a big WIN when I finally bought one of these weekly planning pads (Thanks Kel! x).

I use Google calendar on my lap top and my Android phone to keep track on things on the go, but sometimes nothing beats good old fashioned paper. I love crossing things off my to do list, quickly adding things to a shopping list as I run out of them and having my week mapped out at a glance.

You can buy your own Kikki K weekly planner pad for just $9.95.

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored for this post. I just loves me some stationary. Kikki K can feel free to thank me however they like. #wishfulthinking

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  1. You are talking my language – meal planing and stationary ; ) I am currently using a daily pad from Kikki K – now that is a woman I love!

    also – Welcome to blogging!

    1. Well my site is really bad and does not often show incoming links (something is broken i think) but sometimes i get a comment come through to approve that is actually a link back from another site. I always check it out before approving. Is there a place on your dashboard that says ‘incoming links”?

  2. Hi again!

    If anyone is wondering how to figure out this backlinks business, I finally got it sorted…. er, I think!

    So if you’re using WordPress you just click on Dashboard->Site Stats and scroll down until you see the ‘Referrers’ section. This will show you who where people have been clicking to you from. I guess it won’t show you if someone posted a link to your blog though, only if someone actually clicks on that link.

    To see when someone adds a link and to make sure you notify others when you link to them just go to Dashboard->Settings->Discussion and tick along side:
    “Attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the article” and
    “Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks)”

    Have fun bloggers :)

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