Birthday Bunting ~ Free Printable

I need to confess. For an early childhood teacher I’m not very crafty. I’d like to be, but most projects are just way over my head. I can’t sew. Like, not even a hem. Or a button.

Two things that do work with me are: Paper and Computers. So when it came to Pebble’s birthday parties I decided to make my own simple decorations with those two tricky tools of mine. I had a little look around some favourite sites for inspiration and thought “I can do that!”.

One decoration that I LOVE is the bunting I made for Pebble’s second birthday. We still have the name section hanging up today, adding a little bit of pretty to her craft corner.


Who doesn’t love a good bit of bunting? And who can resist a free printable? Well, look no further ladies and gents, because today is your lucky day! You can choose from two free printable buntings, Rainbow Pastel and Rainbow Bright:

O&V April1

Each bunting has a white background so that you can choose whatever delightful colour or pattern paper that you want to print it on (see how I did that alternating colour card thing with Pebble’s bunting? Fancy, hey?). It includes the letters to spell HAPPY BIRTHDAY and one spare bunting triangle with pretty balloons on it.

To make the bunting:

  1. Print onto cardstock in the colour/pattern of your choice.
  2. Trim each bunting triangle into shape (or be a dare devil and use a guillotine to cut more than one at a time. I did!).
  3. Use a hole punch to (wait for it…) punch a hole in the top two corners of each piece of bunting.
  4. Thread a piece of ribbon or twine through each piece of bunting (in order – check your spelling peeps). Thread on top or underneath depending on whether you want the ribbon/twine to be a feature.
  5. Use nifty removable hooks to hang your bunting on the wall.
  6. Hide the unsightly hooks with some pretty ribbon or balloons.

Download your bunting here:

Free Printable Birthday Bunting: Rainbow Bright

Free Printable Birthday Bunting: Rainbow Pastel

Have you ever made your own birthday decorations? Oh, do tell!

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  1. Thanks! Great timing for me, although our printer needs replacing so it’s actually probably easier for me to cut out some fabric triangles!!!

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