Easy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Easy Father's Day Gift IdeasIt’s Father’s Day today, but we’ve already been celebrating all weekend! This year we decided to spread things out a little. We had “Grandad’s Day” on Saturday and we’re having “Father’s Day” with just Paul, Pebble and I today.

We celebrated “Grandad’s Day” at my youngest sister’s new house (she just moved out with her partner – all growned up!). We kept it pretty simple and delicious, serving up Mexican devilled eggs, quesadillas, nachos and salad, followed by white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake and wagon wheel slice.Easy Father's Day Gift Ideas

A hefty supply of play dough kept the kids entertained, all five of them, along with a big dose of Nana, who apparently makes a fantastically scary bear on a bear hunt (cue LOUD and delighted little kid screams).

Today we’re having a very relaxed and low key day. So far, after an early start and some present and card giving, we left Daddy to sleep in. When he wakes up we’ll do whatever he’d like to do, which might involve making him breakfast and perhaps visiting Bunnings – he asked for a whipper snipper and I’m not qualified to make that kind of purchase alone! He has some vouchers to use up, so we’ll make up the difference to get his dream weed cutter. He’s a low key kinda guy, not into fuss and bother, especially not over him. Unlike some people… like me ;PEasy Father's Day Gift Ideas

Pebble and I made him a couple of home made gifts for today – thank you to the interwebs for the inspiration. This year we made a photo puzzle, which was simple: two photos, back to back, laminated and chopped into puzzle pieces. On one side we put a photo of Pebble with a “Happy Father’s Day 2012” message, and the other side was a picture of her with Daddy. We made similar puzzles for both of Pebble’s Grandads too. Easy Father's Day Gift Ideas

We also made Paul a ‘Daddy and Daughter Science Kit’ – some photo copied and laminated science experiments from my collection of science books (some of my favourites are from the Usborne range), along with everything needed to make the magic happen – all simple bits and pieces available from the local supermarket. Now they have a handy and super fun box of tricks to pull out for some fun science play. The hardest part was explaining to Pebble why we couldn’t do some of these fun activities RIGHT NOW.

Easy Father's Day Gift IdeasEasy Father's Day Gift Ideas

Well, the sun is shining and we’ve got a whole Sunday stretching out before us, so I’m going to go and enjoy the real world now.

How are you spending your Father’s Day?

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  1. I love the science kit too! Sometimes it’s so much easier to get an activity rolling if you just have to pull out a package with everything you need! Awesome!

    1. After making the science kit I want to make a few other kits too. First I really need to attend to my craft cupboard…. it’s at that ‘shove it in and slam the door shut’ stage. Not to mention that I’ll have to give it to Pebble soon when she moves to the spare room and baby moves into her room. I’ve no idea where I’ll store all my craft bits then!

    1. I KNOW, I can’t believe I didn’t know about wagon wheel slice until just over a week ago. Where has it been all my life?! It seriously tasted just like wagon wheels, except I think a little bit better AND it comes in a big slab LOL

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