Christmas Recovery

What a whirlwind Christmas has been! Today is our first day at home after five very social days out and about and right now Pebble is crashed out on her little red fold out couch, enjoying an afternoon siesta. She’s a little bit sick, poor love, coughing up lots of phlegm (that is the most awesome fluorescent yellow I’ve ever seen), but coping. So I thought I’d pop in here and say hello. Hi!

Over Christmas we have been very lucky to enjoy the hosting of friends and family and got through Christmas taking plates to share and not much else. It blows me away that people do all this Christmas hoo-haa AND host their own Christmas events. One day it will be my turn, but I’m not quite ready yet. Who knows what might happen in a year though? :)  Thank you to all our friends and family who generously opened up their homes to their loved ones and welcomed the hordes.

We had a very different Christmas this year. Usually we rush from family to family all in one day. Traditionally we had breakfast, lunch and dinner at three different homes, often an hours drive apart. Last year we didn’t do breakfast, I was so sad to see that tradition go, but having a family of our own means that we have our own Christmas morning traditions now. This year instead of doing lunch and dinner at two different houses we had Christmas over two days. Two simple, relaxed, loooooong lunches that carried on into early evening. No where to rush off to, time to sit and chat and digest our meals, time for kids to play with their toys and each other. It was different. And nice. Very nice.

Pebble has gone all camera shy and refused to have her photo taken with any family members or on her own, but I managed to sneak a few of her opening presents and playing with her cousins. Here’s a couple of them:

Opening her present from Santa – a much sought after Fairy DVD
Originally she wanted a fairy hat and dress just like her fairy t-shirt (!?) which Santa wasn’t sure he could find, then she wanted a fairy cake made from milk with sprinkles on it. Santa did well to get it just right.

A present from Mum and Dad – her own baby to look after too (took me about 0.4 seconds to realise what a pain in the butt having TWO  really pooing and weeing little babies will be! We haven’t fed this little baby yet, but she has had lots of wrapping and cuddles.

Playing bubbles with her cousin.
After this photo was taken she clocked a bubble wand in the face and got bubble mix in her eye, then spent a good five minutes screaming. She was fine :)

Today is a little break from socializing before a few more happy gatherings – dinner with some  new blogging/Twitter buddies for me tonight (dinner with no kids AND new friends – I’m SO excited!), catching up with little cousins for a play date tomorrow (if poor Pebble is up to it), then a day at home again Sunday before New Years Eve with friends and fireworks followed by a New Years Day BBQ.

Paul and I are both feeling the need to prepare the house for our new baby. There is a spare room to be cleared out and repainted, and Pebble to be moved in, before we can set up the babies room. It’s a big job. You know how ‘spare rooms’ can be? I can barely open the door right now. Christmas has seen it reach crisis point…. Who am I kidding? It was like that before Christmas :P But you know what? If that room is not quite done in time (two months to go!) we have a bassinet and space next to our bed, and that’s all that baby will really need for a while.

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and I’ll be back soon with some more play ideas, geekery and yummy food to cook and eat.

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2 Replies to “Christmas Recovery”

  1. It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. It’s nice when you start your own little Christmas traditions and look forward to them each year. One of ours was to take the girls to see the Christmas lights & displays in the neighbourhood, then leave food out for the reindeers & Santa. “Popette” was very excited leaving cookies & milk, along with some pictures for Santa to take home :)

    We had a lovely Christmas spent with my Mum and my Hubby’s family, it was a little sad as it was missing my Dad who recently passed away.

    Best wishes for the New Year! xx
    Julie recently posted..Week 52: Grateful for the end of a horrible year (and for turning 40)My Profile

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