Apps to help feed the family

Here are some fab apps to help you feed your family every week. When will the meal planning ever end….?!

Chemical Maze

Chemical Maze

My new favourite thanks to a heads up from a friend. Chemical Maze allows you to easily enter the name or code of any food (or beauty) ingredient and find out how it impacts on your health. The results can be surprising… and alarming! I like the simple smiley face/frowny face icons, which give you an idea of what to expect at a glance. There is plenty more detail beyond that though, should you want to know all the gory details. Available for Android and Mac ($AU7.49).

Planning with Kids Meal Planning App

planning with kids

I’m a big fan of Planning with Kids and was lucky enough to not only see writer Nicole presenting at Blogopolis this year, but also had the chance to meet her in person and pick her brains a little. Nicole has created this neat app to make family meal planning a breeze. My only criticism is that it’s not available for Android. Yet. Apple lovers, get thee here ($AU0.99).

Food Planner

Food Planner

I try to stick to Australian apps when dealing with food, it makes things so much easier when looking at measurements and temperature. However I can say that the Food Planner app is so easy to use that I couldn’t overlook it on this list. My favourite function is the ability to import recipes from the web with the click of a button. You can also add recipes to your meal plan for the week, and then add any items from the recipe to your grocery list. The biggest downfall for me was the HUZZAH at seeing as a nominated site to import recipes from….. then the FAIL when every recipe I tried to import received an error message. Luckily the imports from worked just fine, and there are plenty of US sites to import from too. Available for Android (free).

If you prefer the paper and pen style of planning you can read about the tools I use here. Don’t forget to check out my Top 5 resources for meal planning.

Do you use any meal planning apps? Please tell me about them in the comments below.

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