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Pregnancy Update – 39 Weeks


39 Weeks

I’m really getting to the pointy end of things now. This baby could decide to make an appearance any time now… except for the fact that my doc says, “HA! Fat Chance!”. Just like last time I have a stubborn baby who is way to comfortable in it’s current accommodation to consider moving out.

If I learned nothing else from my first birth it’s that you can’t choose the birth experience that you’re going to have – you can only choose how you respond to it. Right now I am SO excited to meet this baby, I don’t mind how it arrives. I feel ready. I just want to get on with the business of getting to know him or her, introducing Pebble to her new baby sibling, and enjoying my growing family with my husband in our home. A teeny, tiny part of me is reminding me to savour these last few days or weeks of pregnancy, as it is planned to be our last. A HUGE part of me is saying GET IT OUT! I am quite large, quite uncomfortable, and these muggy Adelaide days are doing nothing to improve my mood.

My reality right now is trying to keep on top of daily house stuff, so that things are kind of in order for while I’m in hospital. Not perfect, just vaguely organised. It makes me feel better about things.  However, I have washed the sheets or cleaned the floors and tried to force this baby out by sheer will… but it’s not working. Another day or two goes by and the washing basket is full again. The floors are gritty again. That will just have to do.

I’m also living out of a suitcase because I’m already packed and ready to go. I’ve packed everything including a bag of activities to keep Pebble amused during visits and …. my hair straightener. Yes. My hair straightener. These days I almost never straighten all my hair. Who has the time? Besides, I quite like my natural waves… except the freak of a wave in my fringe. That thing must be tamed. Daily. I didn’t do it once. For some reason that one time was on the day of BLOGOPOLIS last year. I know, right? And Grace captured it forever more on video. So THAT’S why I am taking my hair straightener in my hospital bag. P.s. I was four weeks pregnant at Blogopolis – awww!

So. This pregnancy thing. It continues, but it must end. I’m sure I’ll be back soon with some happy news. For now I’m just enjoying the fact that I’m healthy, bubs appears to be healthy and… really… aren’t I lucky that I can make babies at all!? Yes, indeed.

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  1. Thinking of you Kylie and wishing you all the very best as you creep closer to meeting your newest family member. You are looking fabulous!! xo
    Janice@ learning4kids recently posted..Valentine’s Day Activities for KidsMy Profile

  2. Oh honey… I hear everything you are saying!
    I hope that baby decides to come moments after your last load of washing!
    Good luck and enjoy xx
    jess @ myheartisyourhome recently posted..Supporting & Celebrating WomenMy Profile

  3. I’ve been thinking of you so often Kylie. You do look wonderful, I promise. Wishing you much rest in the next couple of days and a birth-day full of joy. Much love xxxx

  4. OMG! OMG! You were 4 weeks at Blogopolis! That is soooo cool!
    I just had another look at that vlog. I love your curls, Vicky…er, I mean Kylie :) xxx
    Grace recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Poet’s PicnicMy Profile

  5. Ahhhhh! So close! Can’t wait to hear the big announcement! You are looking fabulous and I hope everything goes really smoothly!

  6. I am just wishing you a safe delivery – however and whenever it happens.

    BTW – whilst looking a little jealously at your lovely pregnant shape I noted the wall colour behind you and I LOVE IT. What is it?

  7. I love your perspective! You look sensational! And I remember so well that feeling of “I’m ready and can’t wait to meet my little bubba”! So exciting! It will happen in perfect timing. Thinking of you Kylie xx
    Elisa {With Grace & Eve} recently posted..This viewMy Profile

  8. I think you look lovely though I completely remember the uncomfortable last days! It sounds like you are managing marvellously…I was having new flooring laid through the whole house the day before AJ was born – needless to say, the floors were gritty!
    Christie-Childhood 101 recently posted..Simple Family Dinners: Chicken Burrito RecipeMy Profile

  9. All the best for the next few weeks! What a great idea to pack some things for your little girl to do in hospital! What things did you pack?

    • I will be writing up a post sharing it properly, but I packed things that she is really into at the moment. Lots of STICKERS! LOL A blank book for drawing and sticking, drawing tools, a puzzle, and a few busy bags that I got through a busy bag swap last year. I’m sharing more about the busy bags too soon :)
      Kylie Gardner recently posted..Pregnancy Update – 39 WeeksMy Profile

  10. Thinking of you and cannot wait to hear your news – take time to rest and just be before bubba arrives xx
    Deb @ Home life simplified recently posted..Be accepting of being a beginnerMy Profile

  11. You look great Kylie! Enjoy your last days/week(s) (hopefully not too much longer) of your pregnancy, once I made the decision of not having another bubba, I realised how much I missed being pregnant.

    Also enjoy the days you have alone with just you & Pebble. All the best for ‘D’ day! x

  12. You look gorgeous!
    Enjoy these last few days… it is kind of a bitter sweet time with being exhausted, yet busy and wanting the baby to be born, but wanting to enjoy your time too!
    katepickle recently posted..Three For MeMy Profile

  13. Hello fellow preggie! You look gorgeous, now I know you are feeling many things and gorgeous is probably not the first that comes to mind, but you really do. I love a preggie belly. Last few days (or weeks)… it’s an exciting and anxious time. I hope your bub decides to pop out and say hello SOON. I too was induced at nearly 2 weeks over due first time round so I am hoping for an earlier arrival with baby number 2 which is due in 14 weeks time… Lovely to find your through FYBF! :) Best wishes
    Vicki @ Knocked Up and Abroad recently posted..Comment on I’m A Blogger. Oh Yeah! That’s Right. And I’m Nuts. About Nutella Mostly. by LadyMy Profile

  14. You look fabulous. Good luck with the birth xo

  15. You look amazing! Good luck… So exciting x
    Housewife in Heels recently posted..Hatchlings and Easter egg pinatasMy Profile

  16. What a magical time!!! Best of luck for a safe and speedy arrival!

  17. hope your dear babe doesn’t keep you waiting too long!
    Stephsjoy recently posted..Special Treat – wordless wednesdayMy Profile

  18. Wishing you a fantastic birth and amazing first cuddle and kiss with your baby x
    Emily @ Have a laugh on me recently posted..Why you should shed your old skin and say yes to invitations outMy Profile

  19. awwww I remember being that huge…the trepidation about the impending labour and the sheer excitement about meeting the new addition to the family (and in our case, learning the sex of the baby). Best wishes – hope all goes well xx
    Cathy recently posted..Flashback Friday – The Brady BunchMy Profile

  20. Good luck. Mrs Illiterate Infant is not due-date +1 and hoping that every cramp or twinge might be the signal that we a a green light.
    Kevin recently posted..Caught my eye Friday – Poo stories and piss takesMy Profile

  21. Awwww by the time I write this you may have given birth (or no such luck!) I got to give you a hug at Blogopolis and so glad I did. This time of pregnancy is both tiresome and painful. Can’t do much, want to breathe properly again…and then, whoosh! New baby. Look forward to hearing your news…. Love Denyse
    Denyse Whelan Education Specialist recently posted..Why I LOVE My Work.My Profile

  22. Such a lovely post, and you are looking gorgeous. Good luck with the birth of your new bundle of joy and I hope things go well for you both. xx

  23. Oh Kylie – you don’t look far from popping! I look forward to hearing the happy news and seeing the photo’s of your new bub. I adore newborn babies. All the very best to you. Hoping it all goes smoothly for you. Don’t rush home from hospital – enjoy the quiet bonding time with your new bub before you’re home again juggling a million things. Min xo
    Min @ MinsMash recently posted..365 Grateful – Day 159My Profile

    • I am hoping to stay in the hospital for as long as possible :P I will miss Paul and Pebble, but it won’t be long before we’re all together. I had a dream that the ‘newborn’ came out and was more like three months old, and I was so sad because I wanted a tiny baby LOL I think it’s safe to say that this baby won’t be tiny, but I hope it will still be a ‘newborn’ for a little while.

  24. Oh my, you’re about to pop. You could be in labour right now. Squueeee! Can’t wait for the announcement now! Wishing all the best for you labour honey. You’ll be in my thoughts all week.
    Penny recently posted..Animal Quiz Fun for the Lunch BoxMy Profile

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