When you DON’T want your kids to fall asleep

5pm. Tuesday afternoon:

Bugga. Bugga. Bugga.

I’m filing this for Real Life Wednesday, even though it’s Tuesday. I have a feeling I’m going to need my wits about me tonight (and tomorrow!).

Wish me luck.

Real Life Wednesdays

When have you really, really wanted your kids NOT to sleep?

7 Replies to “When you DON’T want your kids to fall asleep”

    1. I couldn’t believe it, she slept until 3am then went back to sleep reasonably well until 7am! I think I was very lucky.

    1. Ouch, yes we had something similar for a while there, about the same age. I had forgotten about it. That’s the great thing about parenting, you kind of forget the bad stuff LOL

  1. Hehehe, yep, been there! The pre-dinner crash is the worst, I think. I also hate the “just about to go out” and “just about to arrive” crash. Because if they waited that extra few minutes, they could have a nice rest in the car or the pram, instead of being interrupted and getting all cranky.
    And this is rather hilariously timed, because my youngest has just gone down for her morning nap and I was thinking NNNNOOOOOOOO it’s too early for your nap! But, she’s tired, and she’s pretty, so she can do whatever she wants ;-)
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