What’s for Lunch?


I have a three year old who has pretty predictable lunch time requests.
: Ham sandwich.
: Ham and cheese sandwich.
: Cheese sandwich.
: Butter sandwich.
: And once or twice … tuna sandwich!
That’s when she is not requesting her very favourite food: plain pasta. It can take some convincing to steer her towards a sandwich, and I was recently sent something which made sandwiches seem a lot more interesting.
The Lunch Punch!


These are cute sandwich cutters that make sandwiches into fun shapes that kids love.
Now, I must admit that it took me a couple of goes to get the hang of the perfect punch. You need to punch and twist, a little like cutting scone dough.
I love that the Lunch Punch makes the most of all the bread. The only waste is the crust, which Pebble never eats anyway (I guess that’s why her hair is straight and her chest is hair free, right Dad?).
Lucky for you I have two sets of the Lunch Punch to give away! One set of SWEET lunch punches and Sand-wishes lunch punches can be yours. Simply leave a comment telling me: what is your child’s favourite lunch?

Competition closes on Friday, 10 May. One entry per person. Prize will be sent to Australian addresses only.


20 Replies to “What’s for Lunch?”

  1. Yea, sandwiches it is here too. Usually the chocolate/strawberry one is requested first (a spread kind of like Nutella-comes striped in the jar) but I can usually convince her with vegemite, peanut butter, Nutella etc. Luckily she often munches a piece of fruit afterwards ;)

  2. Hi Kylie

    Reading your blog today makes me feel so much better knowing there is another little someone out there who will only eat ham, cheese and plain pasta. My daughter’s favourite lunch is a ham and cheese sandwich but with everything in its own pile. Bread cut in triangles on one side, ham in another little pile and cheese in another. Top all that off with a glass of milk.

  3. The ubiquitous “cheesy pasta” (pasta with butter and grated cheese) or if we’re feeling adventurous, pizza made on an English muffin with toppings of tomato pasta, cheese and ham.

  4. Elise – bread – nothing but bread!
    Lucy – bread with meat – ham, fritz, chicken and LOTS of tomato sauce
    Milla – cruskits or bread with cream cheese.

    so easy to please!

  5. Just a tip for the bit of bread left after you cut out the shape.. lightly butter both sides and pop it in the fry pan crack an egg into the left over shape bit and you have a yummy shaped bread with fried egg.

    My kids eat sandwiches nothing too exciting and both don’t like the same thing one likes chocolate spread or apricot jam, one likes salami. Boring.. but an exciting sandwich they did like when younger was tuna, mayonaise, grated carrot and diced sweet spiced gherkins.. and I like that too.

  6. At the moment, little miss is anti-bread and sticking mostly to rice cakes with cream cheese. Oh how exciting a return to sandwiches would be!

  7. Big boy loves his vegemite sandwich and peanut butter in a wrap, little missy – well we haven’t found a favourite yet.

  8. Avocado and cheese! Practically every day for my little boy. Just printed off sandwich ideas from another blog as I think we need to get a bit more adventurous too!

  9. My big boy’s favourite lunch is a plain boring cream cheese sandwhich!
    I swear his kinder teaches must think I have nothing else in the house when he shows up each day with the same thing in his lunchbox :-)

  10. Little miss 3 demolishes veggies (cucumber, capsicum, tomato, olives, avo) and loves pasta. She occasionally eats sandwiches, so making them more appealing would be great! Little miss 1 has a lot of allergies, so basically lives on rice crackers, fruit and gluten free pancakes.

  11. The hands down winner here for lunch is a “tasting plate please!”. This basically consists of whatever I’ve got in the fridge on the day- a little bit of everything. A little sandwich cut in zigzags or rolled up on a toothpick, a couple of cherry tomatoes, half a boiled egg, a tiny dish of grated cheese, leftover cold pasta, some slices of fruit, a carrot stick or 2 in a tiny tub of dip, pikelet shapes, a baby beetroot, rolled up slice of ham… I could go on forever! Now that I have one at school, I pack his lunch in a Decor ‘quarters’ container so he can still have his little bit of everything ‘tasting plate’ lunch :)
    These cutters are just gorgeous, my little ones would love sweet shaped sandwiches, and they look easier than hand cutting zigzags!!! :)

  12. My daughter loves good old vegemite (and sometimes cream cheese). Toast is more of a favourite than bread, but the lunch punches would still be great for that to.

  13. What a lovely post Kylie. Thank you for sharing a photo of the beautifully punched cupcake you made and for sharing two sets with your readers. I appreciate Pebbles affinity for plain pasta, it is sooo perfectly, plainly yummy. You do a great job offering her variety. Love you blog too! xo [email protected]

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