Toilet Training: Reality Check

Regular readers might remember that last week I started a Toilet Training Series. Things had gone so well with Pebble’s toilet training. I was full of confidence. I figured, why not share my new found knowledge and wisdom with the world? You can see where this is going, right?

The very DAY that the toilet training post went live, Pebble went on full potty strike. It was NO NO NO NO NO. I left it for a day or two to see what would happen. Three days later, still no potty. Then followed two days of child care and a weekend… there were a couple of wees on the potty, when the conditions were just right and she chose to sit. Other than that she was just. not. interested.

I have been playing it cool, still casually offering knickers every morning. “No, Mummy, I want my knicker-nappy” she says. Otherwise known as pull-ups.

This morning we were at the shops, and Pebble spied a little treat on the shelves. A My Little Pony, to be exact. This was my last chance to see how dire things really were with this toilet training business. I made the happy little suggestion that if Pebble tried to use the potty again, she could have the pony. I clearly outlined the rules: ten stickers on the potty chart (10 successful tries, wees or poos) = 1 pony. She looked at the pony, she looked at me, and she said, “I think we’ll just put the pony back, Mummy”. No worries, no stress. And no potty. Bugga.

When we got home Pebble promptly did a poo in her ‘knicker-nappy’ and told me about. While changing her I said to her that Mummy wasn’t going to ask her if she needed to use the potty anymore. I said we’d have a ‘break’ from it. I also told her that she could still use the potty any time she liked, because she knew how to pull her pants down herself. Or she could ask Mummy if she wants to. But for a little while, Mummy was going to stop asking her. “Okay”, she said. “….. but I can do it myself if I want to”.

Fingers crossed that, with time and a break from a nagging gently reminding mummy, she will make her own choice to use the potty or toilet. We will give it at least a month, maybe more, before trying actively again.

So, with that, the Toilet Training Series is on hold. For now. It will be back :)

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Have you had any parenting reality checks lately?

22 Replies to “Toilet Training: Reality Check”

  1. Well I am very impressed that Pebble was able to make a decision like ‘I’d rather forego a toy and not use the potty’. That seems like quite a grown up form of reasoning. I’d be proud of that and wouldn’t worry too much about the potty training. If she is that self possessed I’m guessing she will decide for herself when she is going to do it.
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  2. And she was doing so well!!!! Oh well. Set backs happen. I tried with the girls once and it was obviously too soon. Next time round it was done within a week. I’m a firm believer that when they are ready, they are ready and they nearly do it by themselves. You just provide the tools.

    Can’t believe she chose to put the toy back though. REALLY mustn’t want to give up the pull ups yet!

  3. Bebito is 4 and at kindy and I still have had no luck at all with his toilet training. It just has not clicked at all. We send him to the toilet every hour and if he needs to go then out of pure luck it happens. For a kid who has met every milestone well ahead of time I am totally unsure why he isn’t getting it. We have tried 4 times for a good week and tried bribery, stickers, “you need to to be a big boy” and none of it has worked. We have had him looked at by the paediatrician too but there appears no biological reason why! It is all to say that I love your honesty on this lovely! It stresses me out sometimes but I just have to let it run it’s course. Xxx

    1. Oh Cat, I’m sorry that you’ve had so much trouble with toilet training. It is so stressful, but there is no forcing these things. One day he will get it. At least you have some reassurance from the professionals that everything is ok x

  4. My “Popette” is nearly 4, and still wears nappy pants at night. She often goes to the toilet on her own, and has the occasional accident from holding on too long, after us reminding her that she needs to go to the toilet. I’m hoping she’ll get through it soon.

    Good luck with Pebble!! :)
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  5. For what it’s worth… I reckon a little hiccup in the middle is pretty normal, and it’s a cluey kid that doesn’t fall for the bribes we offer… no matter how frustrating that can be!
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  6. Sounds like you have quite the smart little girl. I love how she made the decision to forgo the toy. Hopefully she’ll be ready to use the potty again soon.

    We are about to start our potty training adventure. We’re biting the bullet next week…wish me luck! I’ve heard so many positive posts about how easy it is. Thanks for the reminder that it’s not all that easy all the time.
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    1. Good luck with potty training – the internet can make everything seem so easy and lovely sometimes, I glad to give some reality now and again :)

    1. Thanks for the link up Ness, I only just realised. I thought I had a quick look when I linked up on Sunday and didn’t see myself – but surprise, there I am! A lovely surprise too :) I’m off to do some Sunday Parenting Party commenting now.

  7. There’s hope–my little guy just wasn’t cooperating (for weeks and weeks)…then one day, out of the blue, he said, “I want to go potty in the toilet!” and has been peeing in the big toilet, standing up, ever since! I really think it’s the kid’s decision (even though it’s inconvenient for us). Hang in there!
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    1. I am really, really, REALLY hoping that this will happen for us too. Fingers crossed and great news about your toilet training guy :)

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