These Days #2

Winter has us well and truly shivering in our boots at the moment, but we’re enjoying some crisp sunny days that remind me that Spring will soon be here. If there is one thing that keeps the kids happy it’s getting outdoors, which is exactly what we did over the weekend. I chased the kiddos while hubby whipped the garden into shape. Thank goodness for that, if it was left to me we’d be living in a grassy jungle! I suck at gardening.

Pebble is growing up so very fast. She made herself a cubby out of the soccer goals and some blankets, then lay there listening to her favourite tunes…. a charming mix of Katy Perry and Disney movie anthems. To our neighbours I simply say, ‘sorry’. Pebble is fiercely protective of her brother and is always alerting me to possible dangers that he’s heading for (or already in). Pretend play is still her number one favourite thing to do, and she’s always narrating her stories aloud as she plays, with much drama and many a singalong. This week I started reading ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ to her and it’s just so cool to share these treasures with her. I can’t wait to share more favourite stories together.

Rocky is equally smitten with is big sister, and follows her everywhere, wanting to join in her games. Otherwise he’s quite happy chasing balls and birds, finding interesting sticks and generally mooching about. He’s recently found his voice and loves to squawk at top volume or growl deeply to imitate animals. He’s not much of a talker but, at 17 months, is a super awesome non-verbal communicator. He does lots of pointing, holding hands and dragging people to where he wants them, head nodding or shaking and throwing of food on the floor (this means ‘no thanks’, right?). We think he might have said ‘bird’. It’s a start. 

Rocky is finally starting to pay attention to his Daddy, I think this was about the same age that Pebble started to become Daddy’s Number 1 Fan. Their Dad is just the best play mate ever, and Rocky is starting to see what fun he can be. I love watching the three of them and their antics.

These Days August 2014These Days August 2014These Days August 2014These Days August 2014 These Days August 2014These Days August 2014

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