These days

So, I’m back :) I’ve enjoyed my two week bloggy break, it’s really whizzed by. It’s given me a little time and space to be with my little ones, work on some big deadlines at school and figure out a few of our battles (ugh, kids and food!). The time away has also allowed me to think about the blog a bit. I was interested to see flashbacks thanks to a little app called Time Hop, have you seen it? It’s kind of nifty, it pings you with reminders of what you were up to this time last year, the year before, the year before that, according to what you shared on social media. Aside from showing me just how many typos I make, it’s reminded me of the blog posts I started out writing, when Pebble was a baby. They were simple bits and pieces about our days, the small moments from our lives. I still love sharing activities and recipes and ideas, but I do miss keeping a record of the goings on, to look back on and remember when. You might see a few more of those sneaking in to the blog. Things might be slow to ramp around here though – my laptop is currently in a coma. I know! I could just cry. While I figure out if it’s able to come back to life I’m suffering with sharing hubby’s ancient laptop or using apps on my mobile. This is not ideal! But it’s not the worst thing that could happen. While I sort out that little problem here’s a peek at one of our wintery days out and about. 20140616-135523-50123142.jpg 20140616-135522-50122202.jpg 20140616-135522-50122738.jpg What kinds of blog posts do you like to read?

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    1. Thanks Julie, I love seeing your comments pop up :) I think I’ll aim for blogging once a week for a while, until I find my feet again, if I ever do! We did some fun craft and play yesterday, I’ll be sharing it on the blog tomorrow x

  1. I think because I’ve come to know you, I really enjoy the little updates about you and your family :)

    P.S. I lost my hard drive late last year. At the time, I could have crawled under a rock and stayed there, but somehow I got over it and I’ve since opened my eyes to the world around me more. :)

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