Shoe Tying 101

Save a Teacher's Sanity -  Teach Your Children to Tie Their Shoelaces

Hey there! I’ve missed you guys! I wanted to pop in and share what I’m learning about tying shoes laces. Who’d have thought there’d be so much to say, right? All I know is I have a class of 23 kids, many of whom are struggling with their laces (or asking me to struggle with them!). It’s driving me C R A Z Y!!!!

I was once told never to help boys tie their shoe laces – can you guess why? Every time I do help a little guy with his laces I can’t help think of this advice (hint: it’s got to do with boys learning bathroom skills!).

We haven’t done the shoe laces thing in our house yet. Pebble has buckles and velcro, while Rocky is velcro all the way.

Have you taught your kids to tie their shoe laces? Got any tips for me?

Here’s a few tutorials I found with different shoe tying methods (including a guy called Professor Shoelace!!). Let me know which method you think is best. Or maybe you could just buy no tie shoelaces?!

What’s driving you crazy lately?

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  1. I always used to struggle with this when I was younger and can understand your pain! I find it hard teaching two kids to tie their shoe laces let alone almost 30!

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